Lifestyle: Hello July!

It’s that time of year when the cows and their calves graze in the fields and once shaky lambs now confidently skip over their mother’s back.  Tractors pass the house every half an hour to collect freshly cut grass to turn into hay. There’s a sweet smell of summer in the air.

The landscapes look different, over in the nearby hills, there are grassy zigzags and wispy waves and a few fields have been plowed.  The air is filled with all sounds, buzzing and whooshing as the insects and birds go about their daily business. I can’t forget the 4 local Owls, a cuckoo, and parent buzzards who call out often mostly to their young.  And then there’s that horse in the distance that seems to stand like a statue… Evening rose pruning and grass cutting and of course lazing around on the hammock are my weekday treat.

It’s been a traveled filled few months and so I haven’t got to see every detail of the ever-changing landscapes in my corner of the North East Hills but when there are adventures to be had, you take what you can get…  I thought I’d tell you what kind of things I’ve been up to over the last few months in a hope to inspire an adventure in your soul.

Van Life….

Back in May, Rik and I attended the very first Vangollen festival. A weekend of vans, bands, food, and music (LOVED Razorlight) set among the amazing  Welsh hills.   A relaxed atmosphere to fantasise about what it would be like to live out of a luxury T- something or another. And boy we’ve thought about it loads. It’s on our holiday to-do list.

These guys were A.m.a.z.i.n.g!

Sea Life…

On a trip to Fife recently (loads to tell you about that) we caught up with Blown Away run by identical twins Guy and Jamie for a SUP session on the North Sea. Since it was a little unpredictable that day, we opted for St Andrews emerald coloured harbor (spectacular). We bobbed along with the boats, paddled against winds and currents, ducking under bridges and even the occasional splash ( OK that’ll be me then…)  As a girl with an irrational phobia of deep water, the jellyfish filled the North Sea treated me well as did the two Scots Guy and Jamie.


(c) FunkyEllasTravel


(c) FunkyEllasTravel

Sightseeing Life… 

Thrilled to say I live so near to the Llangollen Canal and all of the stunning aqueducts along the way. One Sunday evening we took a leisurely paddle down the canal at Chirk to Trevor in a canoe. thanks to our friends at TnR Coaching.  Bel hasn’t got the gist jet of weight distribution but she has come a long way since her kayaking splash days!  We all had an amazing time.  Must remember to bring the picnic next time.

Land Life…. 

I dragged Rik out for a wild camp and hike in the local hills for ‘Wild Night Out’.  We haven’t done a great deal together lately purely to do with schedules and I wanted to make a point of how you don’t need to go far in order to find adventure. Granted, I live 3 miles from the start of the mountains here!  We didn’t get that far, due to Rik having a minor knee injury ( so he totally ruined my great hike plans) but we did set up camp in a woods which boasted beautiful views but not much of a good night sleep. Perhaps picking somewhere to sleep where most of the trees have been uprooted isn’t the best idea? We had high winds that night too…  Still, it was great to spend some time with him even if he did use most of the 3L water I’d carried on my own. 😉

Roadtrip Life… 

I took Llanberis out for an awesome ride. We rode from Llangollen to LLandiloes, and then to Aberystwyth and back to Llanidloes and then home. I’ve been wanting to do this ride on my scooter for a while. It’s dreamy especially as you leave Llanidloes and suddenly you’re on narrow sweeping roads on the side of hills, with sharp but curving corners.  Certainly a route for the big bikes!  We must have clocked up about 250 miles over two days. My longest ride yet…

I’d love to know what adventures you’ve got planned for now or in the future? Inspire me! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Hello July!

  1. Just done the West Devon Way, about 37 miles of walking over 3 days. My first real day after day hike. Did it with B&Bs as my stop point as carrying a tent that far isn’t me really. Might look at the other paths we have down here, of which there are many, plus I’ve got 630 miles of the south wets coastal path that I could split up and do 3 or 4 day walks. Next few years is going to be busy!!!

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  2. Some excellent adventures! Love it!
    I live in South Wales in the countryside – it’s a beautiful country we share. But over the last few months I have explored further afield. The highlight for me was a short visit to the outer Hebrides. South and North Uist surpass even Wales for their beauty! I also had my first night wild camping without a tent – just me alone under the stars with my sleeping bag and bivvy. Truthfully I didn’t get much sleep, but still loved it.
    Love your blog – keep it up!

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    • Dave! Thanks so much, How kind of you to stop by, read and comment. ;D I’ve dipped in to South Wales but not a whole lot, and have heared it’s beauitful. Not as craggy as North, more rolling? Having visited Scotland, I know it’s so stunning and I’m due to do the West Highland Way in October so no doubt, I’ll see more of its renowned beauty. The Hebrides, I’ve heard are exceptional …. Did you camp that? Never tried a bivvy, looking at kit for October’s adventure and thought a bivvy may be a bit too small for 7 days, but it’s on the to-do list. Great to hear your loving life and adventuring. Thanks so much. Come back soon won’t you? 🙂


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