Garden: Inspiration from The Cambo Estate, Fife

When I moved into my place, the previous occupants had left a sweet smelling compost bin near to the shed. I didn’t pay much attention to it because it was still rotting down and not ready to use. A year on and many trips to the local garden centre to buy bags of compost, I’m super grateful I can now use my own. Some went into my potato plot, more in my rockery and the rest awaits for further projects. There’s something special about knowing it will be there in the next decade or so. It’s like a sourdough starter (hopefully my compost will be more successful than that lifeless bread…)

My garden has changed so much this year. To the outsider, it still appears just as wild. To me, I find it amazing how mowing the lawn, clearing, using hanging baskets and digging a small veggie plot, can make a big difference. There’s still a way to go yet and as I’ve mentioned before, breaking my vast space up into small sections helps make it better for me in terms of time, money and effort rather than tackling it, all in one go. Another thing that helps me is looking at other gardens for inspiration. I can’t do the whole Pinterest thing! Gardens have to be felt. I don’t get to see many gardens since around here consists of fields. That’s why I was a ‘wee’ excited to find myself visiting the Cambo Estate Gardens one weekend in Fife. I was glamping there but that’s another story for another day.


I wanted to share with you, how it’s sparked off some ideas for my own garden.

Cambo Estate Gardens

A Look Around Cambo Estate Walled Gardens …

I’m a big fan of roses! I’ve so many already but we’re clearing a space to plant a few more bushes and climbing ones. Neat and delicate roses crept up walls and wrapped around arches. They’re becoming my favourite flowers.

Cambo Estate Gardens

The Cambo Estate gardens are clearly looked after but I loved how wild it appeared. I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland with tall exotic grasses swaying in the breeze and what seemed like giant Allium clumped together (my picture doesn’t do them justice!) I’ve never seen them that big before and I want them in my garden. I stupidly didn’t realise that planting 2 allium bulbs of regular size in plant pots would just give me 2 flowers (doh!) and the grounds a prettier place for them, rather than plant pots. I love how they cluster together.

Cambo Gardens fifeGarden5

One of the striking features in the Cambo gardens were the metal statues situated high up on a stone wall, of two children in mid-cartwheel. The made an eye-catching feature against a blue sky. I love statues, too many can look a bit tacky but some strategically placed make added features. I don’t think my garden would get away with metal, instead, stone or wood. I’ve added a locally carved wooden toadstool and a soon to be stone wishing well. Oh and there’s a wellie in there too… (of course)


Oh, the colours, pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges. My garden is green since it’s practically a very small wood – I’d like more colour variety. Some flowers had finished their seasons, others were beginning to bloom. I must remember to plant as the people before I did, ensuring there’s always something poking its head above soil each month.

Cambo Gardens Fife

Cambo Gardens Fife


One of my favourite features was the sensory greenhouse. It was filled with plants that smelt fragrant and funny, felt soft and prickly, looked colourful or tasted herbie (new word). I think this part summed up how gardens can help to fuel and inspire our senses.

Cambo Estate Gardens Fife

It was an evening treat wondering around the gardens, watching the bees go about their daily pollinating antics, listening to the trickling stream and realising there’s a lot of people in this universe who care about keeping the planet beautiful and thriving. And it all starts with your garden.


Little fragrant and colourful worlds in this big ol’ world of ours.



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