Lifestyle: Hello September!

It’s certainly beginning to cool off here.  Fresher mornings with misty covered hilltops. Still sunny hot afternoons, mostly.  Nippier evenings with those warm looking sunsets followed by dark starry skies.
Ceriog Valley

  My garden is still green but each day there’s a brown crispy leaf that adds itself to the ever-growing collection. I shall give up sweeping come October.
Autumn leaves

I dug up the last of my potatoes. For my first year, they’ve done well! I got a 2.5kg batch with only a few getting a spot of blite.   I planted the last of my salads which will give me something to ‘ooh and ahh’ over by October.  And I think I’ve got the confidence to grow some courgettes next year.

September so far has mainly been about food. Berry crumbles, coconut custards, gifts of locally grown courgettes and runner beans, homemade jam from my plums and lots of spicy and sticky locally sourced chutney and dairy free cheese which makes an excellent midweek night snack!

We also got a ‘portable’ pizza oven for the garden and camping.  We had our first pizza garden party whilst my nan visited in a typical Welsh fashion, with the sun out but our coats and jackets on.   It’s a  pretty nifty little contraption (pricey too) but well made and if looked after properly, will last for years. I just need to practice my pizza bases…  I did indeed ruin our second pizza night by not following the instructions, and using a dough recipe which was meant for 5 bases as 2 bases!

Walks in the hills have meant I’ve forged damsons, Bilberries among the heather clad moorlands, blackberries, and we even spotted what we thought were cranberries but we didn’t taste test… I was once told if you’re to get it wrong, a red berry is not the one to get it wrong with.

As it begins to get colder outside, so does my stone house which means mornings are best spent with coconut porridge and evenings call for hot cacao with a splash rice milk.

Food is a big part of my life. And especially as the colder months descend upon us. Perhaps it’s my inner squirrel getting ready to stock up.  I recently went dairy and egg free (to add to my meat-free lifestyle of 20 years).   So food has become an even bigger part of my lifestyle as I seek to get more creative in the kitchen and garden. It keeps me busy. And out of trouble.

It probably sounds a bit too domestic goddess but Delia won’t be running anywhere too soon.  My jam making ‘incidents’ prove I’ve got a long way to go yet and I really need to get myself a damn thermometer!  Not to mention that crispy kale which becomes more charcoaled if left too long in the oven…

Other than brushing up on my culinary skills, I’ve been learning to drive.  We recently bought a van to tun into a camper conversion. I don’t say that lightly – I’m jumping for joy at the prospect of doing some van living!  Whilst I probably won’t get behind the wheel of our van just yet, I’ll  adopt Rik’s truck which he’s kindly donated to me. It was that or him sleeping on the floor. 😉



Bel’s settled into van life already….

I’ve spent the last of the light nights paddle boarding and testing out a few SUP boards etc which means I’ll have some awesome beginner guides for the Spring.  I’ve loved seeing Rik on the water as he begins his training for his paddlesports qualifications.

I’ve been making some local friends too who love the great outdoors, therefore, I’ve got some nice walks to put on the blog for you.

And I can’t forget cozy evenings in my local pub taking advantage of their homegrown produce and dairy free cakes.

Gosh, September went fast, and I appreciate it should be more of a ‘Goodbye September’ post.  It does mean that my birthday is on its way and I’ll celebrate my first day of being 27 traveling to Scotland to complete the West  Highland Way.

Honestly as well as pots and pans of sticky jam up in the air, my bedroom looks like a bulldozer has been through it.  Jackets, thermals, socks, drybags, wires and gosh knows what else are sprawled all over my floor pretending to be in the ‘to pack’ pile.   Since we’ll be carrying our own camping gear, I want to keep my pack ultralight. I recently discovered that wanting and needed light gear, may be light on your back but it’s not light on your bank balance!!!

I’ll leave you with some images I took whilst pet sitting earlier in the month – highlight!

I’d love to know what September is looking like for you?


P.S. I’m pleased to say we reached our funding goal and Creative Countryside will be released in October. In the meantime, you can pre-order your copy now.


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Hello September!

    • Aww Happy Birthday! So I had to research because I am not up on my berry picking as yet and yes you’re right, that’s another name for them. Sweet little things aren’t they? I know, and the mornings seem a bit glum too. I love autumn for it’s colours and textures but I do miss the warmth and better weather. Have a wonderful birthday with the boys. 😀

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