Lifestyle: Hello December!

Last night, I ‘cwtched’ up to my hot water bottle and watched the snowflakes settle on the hills across from my bedroom window. This morning I woke up to a thick blanket of the white stuff, meaning we are snowed in until further notice.  Still, no excuses needed for snowy dog walks.  Our house is currently in the midst of a snow blizzard and it thundered earlier today!


I completely missed November on here.  My thoughts have been elsewhere, mainly in the Creative Countryside journal ensuring we can offer our readers their usual seasonal snippets. I’ve also spent evenings mostly offline, getting a roasting fire together, going to see friends for dinner, some Christmas shopping and much-needed bath nights at Rik’s mums (since we only have a shower)! 

I’ve been paddle boarding on the less windy days, taking night walks so I can enjoy starry skies, putting together playlists of music and podcasts ( loving The Slow Home series) on Spotify and planning some nice hearty warm foods to keep us all going through what can be dark, cold and somewhat demotivating wintery days.


My coffee bean, vanilla, and other natural smelling soy candles are lit of an evening to help bring the light in and to remove the smell of paint – we’ve been decorating!  Yes with all of ‘life’ going on, I haven’t had much inclination to write about it on here. Although it seems I’m never off Instagram, I’ve relaxed a little on blogging.  I never want to force myself to write just because I feel like I should keep up with a schedule. My study of slow living extends out to blogging.


Although I haven’t forgotten about my little place on the internet, in fact, I’ve been trying to become better at it by adding new skills.  We have been gifted a drone (thank you)! invested in a new camera and a GoPro. I’d love to work on providing a more visual and moving representation of life up here. But boy does it comes with a lot of instruction manuals! It’s quite ironic actually since I’m trying to live a ‘less is more approach’ to life, and I’ve got all of these gadgets taking up space in our room!  I justify it by seeing them as a long-term investment, not just a quick throwaway fad…


Which brings me to Christmas.  I’m not one for excess or over the top. I’m certainly not religious. Still, we put up our fake Christmas tree and did a Christmas shop. I like to think I’m celebrating the season of taking time out with our families and those people we don’t get to see too often. I like to shop local and with small businesses.  I love things which are created by human hands and try to be as practical with my gifts. I got most of my gifts from a local craft fayre this year.

It’s around this time of year where I write my bad habits on a piece of paper and burn them in a hope to rid them out of my life (it’s worked so far) and I begin to think of a word that I would like to describe my new year.  I love those moments of reflections, I fill them will all of the amazing feeling and adventures I had, also in a hope to bring more of them into the following year  (it’s worked so far)! 


With Bel about to turn 2, my nan coming to stay, my friends moving into their first house together, Rik’s new paddlesports qualifications,  issue 2 of CC being released and of course Christmas, it’s going to be a great month of celebrations.  And probably the last time I write to you until the new year.

Wishing you an (early) Merry Christmas!  I’d love to know what you get up to around this time of year so please share in a comment below.




3 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Hello December!

  1. Merry Christmas Chelsea. Hope you have a lovely time over the festive period. I guess for me I’ll be out somewhere outside, walking. Its the best medicine. I’m enviously looking at all the snowy photos of the Lakes and Snowdonia. crossing my fingers that some finds its way to Dartmoor. I’m heading up there tomorrow to have a look!! As for your blog it is very inspirational and its great to see you and Bel from time to time


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