Lifestyle: Hello March!

HELLO, slushy, muddy and dripping March. The big thaw they’re calling it. Although I prefer ‘Thor’ as it conjures up warmer images. 😛

Someone (maybe me) ignored the weather warning. I didn’t check the heating oil and ran out the day before the Arctic weather hit Wales and the rest of Britain! It snowballed from there (pun intended) my house inside and outside froze, including us, the furniture and the pipes meaning we had a few cracks which resulted in horrible leaks. I wasn’t flavour of the month.

So maybe I haven’t completely left my mentality of city convenience, behind me. Lesson learned for next year that’s for sure…

Moving on.


It’s been heartwarming watching Baby Bel face diving the snow, a frosty beard covering her fur ridden face. I love her enthusiasm for it. There’s been plenty of it. There’s been plenty of snow mind (4 months in total)! She reminds me that these seasonal surprises are there to enjoy not to view as a nuisance.

I haven’t done much exploring further afield. There’s been woodland misty and snowy walks and a few meanders around the back lanes. The only big(ish) walk I did was around the Berwyns and we summited Cadair Bronwen in the snow.

My lovely friend who’s a bit like me in the way of giving up fast-paced living for a life in Wales adventuring is doing her ML so it was a good quality mountain day for her.

I also managed a solo stand up paddle boarding day (without falling in) from Chirk Marina to Llangollen and back which was fantastic since the weather was so kind to me! Paddleboarding is the perfect conversation starter and I love how many people take an interest in what I’m doing. I’m always happy to share and I hope it encourages people to try it for themselves.

On land, I’ve loved seeing the snowdrops sprouting in my garden – they’re in big generous bunches and I wish they didn’t have to go. The daffodils are sprouting fast but still no heads just yet. St David’s Day passed without a single yellow glint. The birds, they’ve been hungry and I haven’t been able to keep up with their feeding demands. The family of Owls, living in a tree outside of our bedroom window, however, are quite capable of fetching their own tea. The little mice scuttle in the witching hour. In the garden, I’ve decided to grow kale, potatoes, courgettes and salad this year and so once all of this snow has cleared, I’m going to prepare everything. Last year’s first potato batch has really spurred me on! For now, I am excited to pick garlic for homemade pesto…

February has been a rest month although not out of choice. We’ve been hiding mostly (from the snow) at a family home. It’s the universes way of helping me to slow down… Talking about family,  sadly we lost my aunty but we also welcomed a new life as Rik’s brother and his wife had a baby girl! Life’s funny like that isn’t it?

March, the month of life, new beginnings, awakenings, and colour. Bring it on.



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