Walking: The Windmill & Loton Deer Park

Grey September days encourage me to lazily womble through early summer memories filled with vibrancy and laughter.

One in particular which stands out for me is a lovely birthday meal (not mine) at The Windmill Inn near Shrewsbury, a short adventure to find a Windmill in the distance and to eventually stumble upon a deer park.

It’s one of those locations that’s not obvious to find nor it is signposted. It feels as though you’ve to be local, in the know, that kind of thing, to enjoy the beauty we did on that hot day in July.

Unusually my feet were in sandals, enjoying the rare fresh air and although the path is flat, it’s stone infused so I’d recommend walking shoes!  A little note too … you can’t access the windmill as it’s on private property so admire from afar and the deer park requires adventurers to climb a ladder to gain entry.

Be quiet – be mindful – enjoy the gentle deer munching in the distance… And of course the surrounding views.

Loton Estate Park

DSC01462DSC01468DSC01466The Windmill, ShropshireShropshireDSC01497

Share a summery moment with me, won’t you?