7 Factors That Prevent You From Building Happy Relationships

Whenever problems arise in a relationship with a partner, we don’t think that our actions and words may cause his/her behavior. Why don’t we take any experience out of our previous fights and breakups? Often we make the wrong moves in a relationship and get an unexpected reaction. 

Bebemur compiled the 7 most common mistakes that get in the way of building a happy relationship.

Don’t Let the Relationships Go On Its Own  

Don’t slack off. It’s a mistake to assume that your partner will stay with you forever. Don’t turn romance into boredom. Women need to remember that staying a little mysterious and you fuel the interest of men. Men aren’t interested in those women crying into the phone and waiting for the call, and they like happy and satisfied girls. And men need to stay romantic and a little unpredictable.

Avoid Criticizing Your Partner

Never, especially in public, don’t make fun of your partner and don’t get too personal. If you argued, don’t complain about it to everyone you know. You will definitely make up, and those around you will long remember what you said being upset. Admire your man/woman and believe in him/her.

Don’t Sacrifice Yourself

By neglecting your own needs and interests, stopping to communicate with your friends, you aren’t becoming more attractive to your partner. When you met each other, you were an independent, beautiful stranger with a full life, and that’s what attracted your lover.

Your Silence Does No Good

By the way, this doesn’t just apply to girls. There are a lot of vulnerable guys who also like to take offense in silence. If your sweetheart is not a psychic, there is no chance that he/she will guess why you are sulking at him/her. Say exactly what displeases you. Avoid using the phrases “you are always like this” and “you did it again.” If you don’t like something, say right away how you feel.

Never Ask About Exes

No one has ever felt better about the fact that your beloved one had a lover before, so leave the past in the past and move on! You didn’t live as a sinless person either, did you? You can talk about the mistakes you’ve made in past relationships, but you can’t discuss exes and their actions.

Respect Personal Space

Any relationship is based on trust. No matter how much you love each other, it can be hard to be together all the time as we all need our personal space to be ourselves. Never check someone else’s phone, email, and social media messages. Decide for yourself once and for all that you trust your partner.

Don’t Be Jealous of Friends or Hobbies

Don’t be suspicious of your boyfriend’s friends, and don’t discourage communication with these people. If your partner maintains a relationship with them, then they are indeed interesting individuals. After all, nothing will happen if they go out somewhere a few times a month. You also may spend that evening with your friends. Be sure that your partner is a good judge of character. Otherwise, he/she didn’t choose you, right?

Don’t Talk Too Much About Your Shared Future

Both men and women love to fantasize about this topic. And if you immediately start saying that you dream about five kids, a country house, and a big family dinner on Sundays, it may scare away your partner. Perhaps, your sweetheart imagines his/her future very differently and is not ready to discuss it with you right now. 

Difficulties happen in any love union. Don’t let emotions destroy all the good that was between you. Don’t give up and focus on what you have in common, and fight for your happiness.