Biking: Interview with Flattyres-MTB

The last in my biking series (for now) is with Colin Down from Flattyres-MTB- a MTB Guide and Skills Trainer (just what I need!)  As I said in the beginning of this series, it was designed to motivate me back on to my bike and help you to get back into it too. I'm glad to say … Continue reading Biking: Interview with Flattyres-MTB


Walking: Celebrating 407 miles so far!

By the time you will have seen this post, I'll be traveling down to Pembrokeshire for The Big Retreat Wales where I'll be clocking up some miles around Lawrenny. I wanted to write this post to celebrate my milestone but also share some memorable walking moments. I Will Walk.... I don't feel as though I've … Continue reading Walking: Celebrating 407 miles so far!