Biking: Interview with Flattyres-MTB

The last in my biking series (for now) is with Colin Down from Flattyres-MTB- a MTB Guide and Skills Trainer (just what I need!)  As I said in the beginning of this series, it was designed to motivate me back on to my bike and help you to get back into it too. I'm glad to say … Continue reading Biking: Interview with Flattyres-MTB


Garden: Green Fingered – Me?

With spring truly here the days and lighter evenings are filled with bird song,  skipping  lambs and a constant fragrance of Daffodils. It sees me 'pottering' in the garden, obsessing over my newly sown seeds and planning projects to improve it and make it more user-friendly. In the beginning... I would have never described myself … Continue reading Garden: Green Fingered – Me?