Tips for Dating a Girl Who Loves to Travel

In social networks, you can easily run into such statements as, “The whole world is at your feet!” “Quit boring work and start traveling!” Many people secretly envy travel bloggers, people who have made travel their work and who seem to deliberately tease their followers with amazing photos and videos from all over the world. And usually, users don’t even realize what is hidden behind these cool shots. However, as you know, the average woman goes on a trip about twice as often as the average man. And in general, most men treat traveling calmly, without excitement (just like we all don’t like to invent winter date ideas), while for many women, travel is an obsession and an acute need. So, many guys just don’t know how to date a girl who loves to travel especially if they don’t share this passion to the full extent.

Why Is It Sometimes Difficult With a Girl Who Loves to Travel?

A couple of years ago, the Internet was full of articles or better to say statements in the style of “don’t date a girl who travels.” If you enter these words in the search engine, you might find them. If you are lazy to do that yourself, we will provide you with the main points that reveal the whole essence of this statement. So, why you should never date a girl who travels? Why can it be so difficult? Well, first, if you are an admirer of aristocratic white skin color, then it can be difficult to get used to the girl’s tanned skin that in addition, can have traces of scratches and bites. Someone says that it’s extremely hard to please such a girl, and an ordinary dinner in a movie can become something like torture for her because she yearns for new experiences and adventures. If you don’t love to travel, then all these talks about booking airline tickets on sale as well as finding an apartment that will “convey the atmosphere” of the city can make you start yawning or even get on your nerves. Besides, if your travel girl is a freelancer, it may mean that she is a creative personality, and your stories about office routine may not be interesting for her.

How to Find a Girl Who Loves to Travel? 

According to the Greek vocabulary, a person who loves to travel is called peripatetic, and if you want your girlfriend has some attitude to this word, then you should look for someone who shares this passion. It may seem that it’s not difficult to find a person who loves to travel because everyone loves that. But, it is not true. Yes, as we have already said, women are bigger fans of traveling than men, but the thing is that to go on a vacation to another country once a year doesn’t mean that you are into traveling. And if you are looking for a girl who is really into it, then let’s look at certain moments.

1. Ask your friends about potential options

It may turn out that your friends are already familiar with a girl you are looking for. And your searches can end right away. The fact that your closest friends are homebodies who don’t like to leave the comfort and coziness of their apartments, doesn’t mean that their friends and acquaintances are the same. Don’t be shy to ask whether they know some beautiful and active girl who would like to keep your company. We are sure that everyone knows at least several people who like to travel, so the theory of seven handshakes can come you in handy.

2. Register on Instagram and Facebook

Nowadays social networks are an integral part of our lives, and if you want to find something or someone, you can go right there. If you don’t know where to start with, then start with hashtags especially if you don’t care where the girl has come from. Just come up with several words, phrases that will reflect the essence of your search or google possible options. Thus, you will be able to find a colorful profile of a girl who travels around the world and gets great pleasure from the process. Besides, these social networks provide you with a possibility to find the publics where travelers gather from time to time.

3. Join a travel community

Don’t say that you don’t have time to attend some travel communities because you will not have even to leave your house to do that since you can find everything online. Nowadays, you can find a hundred thousand different groups and communities on the Internet. The same Instagram and Facebook can help you find some of them, not to mention other platforms that have been created specifically for people who love to travel. There you can meet both solo travelers and those who are looking for a company to conquer another country. Just don’t hesitate to contact a charming lady if her comment in a discussion or under some pic has drawn your attention.

4. Find specialized forums

Today many different forums have been created for people who want to share their experience, give some tips on numerous aspects of traveling and just find themselves in a group of like-minded people. It’s a special pleasure to talk to people who value and appreciate your opinion, so people on such forums are open for communication and discussions. You never know where you can find your soulmate.

5. Register on a dating site

It’s one of the easiest ways to meet someone who loves to travel. Usually, when people fill in their profiles on dating sites, they indicate their hobbies and passions, so if you are attentive, you can find a girlfriend who will be glad to become your company. Pay attention to the girl’s pics. If she is into traveling, then you will find at least several pics from her journeys in the profile.

Is It Difficult to Travel Constantly?

Living out of a suitcase can be tiring. Packing and unpacking things, living in hotels or some worse apartments, booking flights, planning bus routes, reading maps can make you feel tired over time. At some point, you may not want to think about anything. You may want to have your cozy home where you can cook normal food, go to the gym and do some other ordinary things. Such moments can bring discomfort. Besides, there is another problem when you are traveling all the time.

When you go on a long-awaited vacation, you are especially excited, you are looking forward to new experiences. But when you travel all the time, that feeling is lost. You start taking everything for granted. Things look the same. You can compare travel addiction with any other addiction, and when emotions from new places become less bright, each time you want to see something more and more incredible to feel real admiration, but this doesn’t always happen. And at some point, it can become a problem.

Tips for Dating a Girl Who Loves to Travel

It doesn’t matter how much you love to travel if you are going to date a girl who adores that, then one way or another, you will have to adjust yourself to this pastime. When you are traveling with your girlfriend, you perceive a world around you a bit differently, everything looks more interesting and stunning because you share positive emotions and as if receive some recharge during this joint pastime. Here are some tips on how to get a girl who is into traveling to get the best out of it.

1. Learn how to have fun

A plan is always good, it does not allow you to step aside, but you shouldn’t make a guide to action out of it. The train may be late, the weather may be rainy, the cafe may not have your favorite muffin, the world is not perfect, and the girl who loves to travel knows that very well. Do not get upset if something goes wrong or not the way you’ve expected. Traveling is an opportunity to see the world and collect interesting stories together with a beloved person. So, learn how to relax.

2. Learn how to value small things

During the trip, you will realize how few things you need for happiness. Not only because heavy luggage makes life difficult for you when traveling from place to place with your girlfriend, no. Traveling is a wonderful way to change your lifestyle, both at mental and physical levels.

3. Get to know yourself better

Traveling is a great way to get to know yourself better and understand real values in life. You will not meet glamorous chicks who are ready to give their kidney for a new brand handbag or shoes among travelers, or those who throw tantrums depending on the location of the stars. Such people prefer to stay at home and do not go camping. So, you should learn yourself better and be prepared to date an adequate girl.

4. Be easy-going

If you decide to date a traveler, then you will never have to persuade her to try something new. Unexplored routes, exotic dishes, unexpected trips, and piquant sensations are what she will strive for. However, you should be the same easy-going to keep her company.

5. Become an interesting interlocutor

No matter what kind of education your girlfriend has, she must still be smart to travel the world. There is simply no other way for this than knowledge, intelligence, and common sense. Traveling is not only tanning on beaches and dancing until the morning. So, if you want to date such a girl, you should match her.

If you choose a girl who loves to travel, then you will choose a new life. Yes, perhaps your life will be too stormy, too unpredictable, and sometimes even dangerous, but it certainly will not be boring and bland.

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