The aim of my blog is to inspire others to get adventuring out in the great outdoors! That means I’ll only collaborate and review brands I’d use myself.

The puppy agrees…

Are you an Outdoor Brand?

  • I’m always interested in reviewing ethical nonleather outdoor clothing and accessories;

  • I’m up for action-packed trips across Wales and beyond;

  • I’ve got a soft spot for reviewing spas because every hiker needs to rest their feet;

  • I love glamping, wild camping, and quirky getaways (with a particular interest in eco establishments);

  • I’m a bit of a geek so love trying out technology that captures my adventures;

  • Anything to make my puppy smile!


*Please note I’m not a blogger with the intentions of having thousands of followers. My target market is niched and I prefer to spend my time engaging and adding value to my audience rather than being in the numbers game! I like to work with brands who have the same ethos as me. 

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