How to Date on Vacation

A long-awaited vacation is one of the most incredible things, full of anticipation and aspirations. Someone says that it is a small life in which you try to fit all your desires and expectations. This period gives you a wonderful chance to learn so many new things and meet unusual interlocutors like single European women. Being proactive and taking the first step towards communication is the main key to success when you meet people traveling. Friendliness and politeness attract people in all countries of the world, regardless of age, gender, and skin color. If you ask yourself, “How to meet people while traveling?” Let’s start with a moment that many airlines provide an opportunity for lonely travelers to get to know each other beforehand and enjoy a long flight together. You indicate your Facebook profile and seat number on the plane. So, if you like someone, you can write to them and meet immediately before the flight.

Why It Is Sometimes Useful to Make New Friends on Vacation

It’s not a problem if you haven’t found a suitable company to travel with. In the end, it can turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Don’t worry that you don’t know how to meet people when traveling since we have prepared a list of some useful tips that will help you meet this challenge. Solo traveling can be a great pastime, but at one point or another, you may feel very lonely, and it can be pretty tiresome to wait for the next flight at the airport when you don’t have anyone to talk to. However, there is a way out – you can spend this time with pleasure, having made new friends with people who are waiting for the same flight. Besides, the best way to get to know a new country is to get to know locals. The resident of the city knows all the hidden stunning places, they can bring you to the coolest bars and warn you where foreigners should better not go. Such acquaintance can be very useful and pleasant since you will kill two birds with one stone – have a great time with new friends and get a wonderful personal guide.

How to Meet Someone on Vacation?

You might think that you don’t know how to meet people on vacation just because you haven’t done that yet, but in fact, it is not rocket science, and everything is pretty simple here. You should deal with your shyness and get rid of fears about facing rejection or any other weird reaction. After that, nothing will prevent you from dating while traveling.

1. Offer your help

You can get acquainted right away on the plane or even at the airport. Even for a couple of days of rest, girls take with them all their current wardrobe, the best outfits, and accessories for all occasions. The luggage is heavy, and you can wisely use this fact. Choose the cutest girl who is not accompanied by a male person and offer your help. It is unlikely that she will refuse. It is possible that in addition to help, you will also exchange phone numbers.

2. Ask to take a picture

What could be more natural than taking pictures on vacation? Even if you relax in the company of friends or colleagues, you may need another one, outsider who can take a collective photo. If you are the only one there, then you should find a “photographer” for the entire duration of your vacation. In the end, you can’t go on vacation and return without a single photograph!

3. Offer to have breakfast, lunch or dinner together

It doesn’t matter if you live in a large, chic hotel or small apartments. You can meet a big number of beautiful girls in cafes, shopping malls or on the beach. Just feel free to choose a single girl and start talking to her. If both of you keep a conversation going, you can ask her out, and maybe this casual acquaintance will continue.

4. Make a compliment

Girls like compliments. A compliment that is unexpectedly received from a handsome stranger will be a top ten hit if you do everything right. Your compliments shouldn’t be vulgar as if you are looking for a one-night stand. Besides, don’t compliment her personal qualities if you met 5 minutes ago.  

5. Don’t standstill

If you are a solo tourist, then you should take a sightseeing tour. You can get acquainted with a girl at some collective event. For example, during an excursion program. Looking at the sights or natural beauty of the region, country, island, you can start discussing what you see around.

What Are the Risks?

There is nothing more important than your safety, especially if you are meeting people traveling. Upon arrival in an unfamiliar country, you should insure yourself. Travel and medical insurance are very important. Anything can happen. When you meet people on vacation in a new environment, you can lose vigilance due to bright emotions. Try to be careful. Keep track of things, and words, and your actions.

Of course, it is better to meet a stranger in a public place. If you meet a stranger near the hotel, then do this in the lobby. Adapt to the customs and rules of the country in which you are.

·        Unnecessary expectations

If you see each other for the first time, but you have already fallen in love and do not want to let the girl go for a minute, the breakup can be extremely painful. Alas, not everyone is ready to meet the expectations of a person who is involved in vacation dating and wants to entertain for the next 10 days.

·        Unforeseen circumstances

You cannot be completely sure of a person you met a day or two ago. You shouldn’t ignore the possibility that the girl is a fraud. Such girls know how to hook up while traveling. You should neither choose deserted places nor take with you a large amount of money, jewelry, and other valuable things. In general, get ready one hundred percent.

·        STD

Protection should be everywhere. This includes contraception as well. It makes no sense to list serious sexually transmitted diseases, everyone knows about them. But, if you are not afraid, read about the consequences on the Internet.

Tips to Meet Someone on Vacation

If you have some doubts about travel dating, then you should reflect on everything carefully to decide on the final answer. Here are some useful tips that may come you in handy.

· Be open to everything new

You are going to an unfamiliar place where you don’t have a single acquaintance, and nobody knows you. This is an opportunity to learn yourself better and discover something new about your possibilities, to become more confident in yourself and go on adventurous actions. However, don’t overdo it. Outside the usual environment, you can allow yourself more open emancipated behavior. You can smile at a beautiful stranger, and there is no reason to worry about the opinion of people around. Just open yourself to everything new.

· Don’t be shy to talk to locals

Feel free to ask locals questions. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s about showing the right way to the sights, recommendations for a good restaurant serving local cuisine, or just secret places that are not listed in the tourist guide. In some countries, residents will be happy not only to advise but even to show you these places since they are interested in talking with foreigners.

· Look for endless opportunities

If you set aside your fears and doubts, you will see that there is always the opportunity to talk to a stranger you like. For example, in some restaurants and cafes, there are common tables for which you can sit and communicate with other people, not to mention the bars and clubs where people often come just to meet someone. And don’t perceive a language barrier as a huge obstacle. On the Internet, some quite tolerable translators will help both with correspondence and with live communication. Besides, body language is familiar to all people around the world.

· Use the Internet

Nowadays, the Web can provide you with many different options to meet people on vacation. For example, you can use Couchsurfing that unites more than 7 million people in 246 countries. Members of the network provide each other with free assistance and overnight travel. Ask your friends whether they have some acquaintances in the place where you are going to go.

· Don’t forget about dating apps

If you are looking for a place that gathers all people who don’t mind meeting over a cup of coffee or even spending a night together, then you should use dating services. Dating apps gain their momentum all over the world, so your chances to meet locals or other travelers are very high. And to increase the likelihood of such meetings, download several different apps, both international and local.

The Difference in Mentality Is Greatly Exaggerated

The traditional argument that scares those who think about travel dating is cultural differences. However, they don’t play a crucial role in this type of love affair. In fact, one can speak of a critical difference in mentality only when it comes to a person with other religious beliefs. In general, culture is not so fundamentally different in European or American countries. Thus, most people have traditional ideas about relationships. Besides, the Internet has globalized culture, so you and your new girlfriend from another part of the world may have the same idols, common jokes, and alike priorities.