“City girl up until 2010. Moving forward, in search of a better quality of living, Chelsea moved to North Wales and created the Loving Life in Wellies Blog. Documenting her new found country bumpkin ways,  with a focus on outdoor adventure.”


Yup, I ditched the glamorous high heel cocktail living (I could never keep up anyway)! and opted for a ‘back to nature type adventure.’  I write about a bit of everything from hiking, camping, mtb, kayaking  in Wales  and any other adventure I can get my hands on.   There are shrieks, gasps and lots of wide eye moments as I tackle my fears, and jump out of my comfort zone. But along the way, there are so many smiles, memories, friends and life lessons!

“And so, the adventures begin…”



As a start up brand Chelsea’s support has really helped to raise our profile as an outdoor and active lifestyle brand. Her proactive and natural inclusion of our brand in her social media and website posts has provided the perfect showcase for DRYU. It has been a pleasure to work with Chelsea over the last year and we hope this relationship can continue to grow throughout 2017.  Jamie @ DryU

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Hello February! The start of the month sees me hibernating in the warmest room in the house when the fire is not lit (the bathroom). Therefore I’m writing to you from in here curled up with the radiator and my shadow (the puppy). Fabulous February (thanks Leönie Dawson) is about recovering from taxing January  (that’s my … Continue reading Lifestyle : Hello February 

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