Walking: Aberdyfi – Bandstand Walk (& the quest for breakfast)!

Campervans – good news! If you’re wanting to walk and explore Aberdyfi (Aberdovey) then there’s a car park just by the village hall that will welcome you for £4.50 a night with nearby loos and easy access to the beach!

And it’s that beach we started our morning walk on, on a quest to find breakfast first.

The May air was warm and gentle, with a slight salty breeze from cool waters lapping at the soft sand.  There were a few people asleep on the beach,  mostly belonging to the wedding party we’d attended the night before… I can assure you it wasn’t a scene from Ibiza! 

We took a left, and headed towards the town centre of Aberdyfi and watched the little boats head out further into the calm sea.  I enjoyed the silky sensation of the sand flowing through my toes and avoiding the squelchy sections were washed up Jellyfish lived until the sea reclaimed them again. 

We carried on till we reached a little pier where the RNLI offices are and crossed the road so we were now on the high street. I can’t really give you direction to our chosen cafe for a much-needed breakfast as I was distracted by the whiff of avocado. All I can say is, it’s right on the high street and it looks stylish from the outside.  We devoured smashed avocados and mushrooms on freshly made sourdough bread at ‘Coast,’ a tad expensive but with great service and great quality food (albeit small portions ) and dog-friendly!

Now we had a full stomach, we could let out feet do the walking, we turned right from the cafe and headed towards the railway bridge (you can’t miss it!) On the right-hand side, there’s a walkers sign which takes you up a gravel path, with the train tracks on your left. Keeping going until you see a group of houses and there are stone steps to your right.  Follow them carefully as they are steep and keep heading up until you see a little track on the right. This last bit will take you to the very top of the hill.

The bandstand which was originally built in 1897,  provides panoramic views of Aberdyfi, and I can imagine an awesome spot for a sunset and sunrise or even a romantic picnic! Although, get up their early as it’s visible from the high street so it’s not a hidden spot…

It’s all about timing!  As with most things in life right?

Where do you like to explore whilst in Aberdyfi?

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