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Hey all, I’m blogging to you as I’ve got my fingers dipped in the peanut butter jar looking back over my March mission.

If you’ve read my prior posts you’ll know I nearly cracked under pressure and sought out some holistic ways of improving my well-being including diet, yoga, exercise, journalling and getting out more.

Over all I feel better. Things have worked themselves out. I’ve realised that it’s in the moment when you’re not paying attention to those ‘things’ that by magic they unravel and give you a clear opening.

I’ve been consistent with my mission this month but not rigid. If I’ve missed a yoga session or I’ve not journaled everyday then that’s OK. They’re there when I want them. Obviously it makes sense to keep up with them so they’re a preventative measure rather than a cure.


I don’t actually feel the need to journal every day now, once I’d got the ‘stuff’ off my chest, I burned it and moved on. The journal rests on my shelf should I need it though…


I’ve loved every moment of it. Even side ways plank. I’m on day 12  out of 30 and I find myself enjoying the process and being thankful that I’ve got time and space to get on my mat.  I started following Yoga Girl on Instagram and I’ve found this great app calledStop, Breath and Think – check it out.


I’ve been keeping up with the classes on a Tuesday by Hoola Nation and my instructor Sasha is just awesome. She’s full of energy , sincere and praise.

I got my own custom made hoop which makes hooping just more enjoyable! I hoop everyday now sometimes for 15 mins and most of the time throughout the day. Especially when I’m bored and tired with work, I’ll break it up with a session. I even co-work with fellow hoopers too which makes it even more awesome. I’ve found so many YouTube videos also that teach great tricks, so the practice is never-ending.

Getting out in the country 

I live for this and it’s why I moved. I’m so lucky to be around people who love the great outdoors.

Last weekend I took a visit to Powys Castle. It’s right on my doorstep (Welshpool) and is one of the most beautiful castles I’ve seen.  Inside is grand with gold adorning the furniture, mahogany paneling,  four poster beds and antiques from everywhere. I was unable to take pictures  of the inside as the Earl still lives there.

Powys Castle - Loving Life in Wellies

Equipped with their own peacocks and tea rooms, it’s marvelous.

The gardens are not off limits to cameras. I can only describe the garden as one of those giant wedding cakes you see. Three levels of deliciousness, a feast for the eyes, decorated with sculptured tress, bushes, and early blossoming flowers. I spotted so many amazing places for picnics and summer frolics, Frisbee antics  and so on.

It’s looked after by the National Trust which for £30 a year (young person discount)  I’ve joined and that allows me free access to over 300 properties, gardens and parking spots around the country.

The next day I traveled down to Cheshire to meet the Coast to Coast gang for a training session at Delamere Forest. We were all in for a treat with glorious sunshine and warm temperatures. We did 8.6 miles to start with and went for lunch and finished off with another 8 miles or so. It was a great session – I struggled a little with hay-fever and slight asthma but I got on with it.


I need to up my fitness game with May coming in fast.  I’m so close to reaching my target now but I’m still looking for sponsorship.

And the day after that, I went to Aberystwyth  to indulge my inner mermaid. We walked up Constitution hill, which is a bit of a climb, one that was rewarded with some good food and amazing ocean views. We took a 1/2 mile trip to Clarach bay, which is a coastal path and just amazing.

I must admit, I was a bit tired from the day before but it did my lungs good.


The last stop was a trip to Leeds due to work but it was nice to see a city again. Leeds is very easy to get lost in! I didn’t get chance to spend too much time finding things to do but we did find a lovely authentic Italian where the owners (in their 70’s) argued in good old fashion Italian style, but made some lovely home cooked food.


Since then I met with a lovely friend who’s also doing the coast to coast challenge. We took a trip up the road to Lake Vrynwy (which I’m always going on about). It’s here that you can clock some miles up – it’s around 11 miles around the lake. So we did 22 miles in total because I had to get back home early. But it was a wonderful day and we made friends with the most friendliest of Robins – he practically curled up next to us as we dined on our sandwiches and bananas.


The beginning….

As March comes to a close – I’m going to take what I’ve learnt and keep it up. I’ve got a new challenge for April which I’ll tell you about soon but I’m still going to live this past month’s lifestyle.

How’s March been for you?




  1. Great Start I can say. That’s going above the limits.

    Well for me February has been crazy down the hell. March is uprising, I am having a agenda similar to yours to kick my butt and behold my self. I am on March Mission too.

    Liked by 1 person

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