know, I know I’m always going on about Lake Vrynwy but in my defence it’s usually about the glass like lake or the amazing spa that looks over the glass like lake. This time, I discovered a new part of Lake V which was the hidden waterfall.

Technically it’s not hidden because it’s well published on the tourism website but it’s quite a trek and I think many get distracted with the lakes and surrounding woodlands to go walking and biking in. I certainly did.

It’s located at the opposite end of the damn and there’s a little turn off that leads you to the car park, which is often missed by many.  Although waterfalls surround the lake, this is the mother of them all.

Note: iPhone 4S photos

Lake Vrnywy - Loving Life in Wales

At the start of May’s Bank Holiday, we were planning to go and do a few laps on our bikes around the lake but the lure of the waterfall distracted us.  So we biked up to it, instead which meant a trek over rock gardens, roots, grassy hills both up and down and to be honest I was a little bit knackered on arrival.


The scenery of the cascading hills, fallen rocks, moss and wandering pheasants and sheep are too much to take in all at once. You’ve to slowly cast your eyes on the scenery, hoping that your sub conscious will take in as much as it can for you to remember later on.


We ditched our bikes by the nearby stream, crossed on slippery stones and proceeded to climb up the rushing waterfall.  I’m not too sure if it’s the time of year, but it’s quite a boggy climb. There are many patches where you’ve to jump otherwise you may just sink!


There’s plenty to grab on to though so you can get up safely. It’s a mixture of a climb and a hike and I’d suggest a good pair of walking boots rather than my favourite turquoise cycling pumps which got very wet later on, due to falling into the shallow river! It was bound to happen….

We stopped on numerous occasions to jump on to the big boulders underneath the water falls to admire the vast valley (there’s about 5 of them in total that make up a giant one) and these are perfect places to bring a book and just relax. Of course climb at your own risk but you need moderately OK fitness.


We didn’t make it right to the top because one giant rock was too slippy for me to hold on to and my shoes weren’t steady enough but it’s on the to-do list next time.

No matter how far you get up, you feel as though you’re on top of the world and it’s like all your cares drift away. I use this time to take in fresh air and think about how grateful I am about life.  Visiting Lake Vrynwy’s Waterfall has just made my inner mermaid fall in love with this place even more and I really recommend you visit. There’s camping nearby for 2pp per night and there are numerous bed and breakfasts as well as the more expensive and lavish hotel.



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