I’ve had a cold for about 6 weeks now and have not been able to shift it! As a result I’ve not been going out too much and swimming, biking and hiking have suffered.

With my coast to coast in May it’s important that I keep at it!

So I decided to go and do a mini hike in Llandloes – which is in the deep depths of Wales and very lovely! I took a walk in their giant forest which if you don’t keep to the out side of, it’s easy to get lost!

Although the colours of winter are still apparent, the temperature felt more spring like and I could easily spot the small changes of the seasons.

It’s a steep walk – beyond steep actually and I surprised myself by not really feeling it that much ( I must be getting fitter!)

We were told after that there had been sightings of wild bore but we didn’t see any.

Here’s some pictures I’d taken from the walk in Wales.

Llanidloes - Loving life in wales .





I loved getting to the top and being able to see the entire village – the cars looked like toys! It was here that my chest felt better, I was able take some nice deep breaths and clear my mind. I’m truly blessed to be able to walk!

Where have you been walking so far?


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