Since getting a pair of hiking boots for my birthday, I’ve been itching to walk them in(pun intended.)

We’ve had plenty of sunny days in Shropshire to test them out, but me being me, decides to work on sunny days. So, when I picked a day to go hiking, it only went and became winter all of a suddenly (sods law.)

Although I couldn’t have asked for better walking conditions actually…

Our original plan was to climb The Rhinogs but on our way there, we got distracted byRhaeadr Nantcol Waterfalls. I can imagine its even more stunning in the summer, but nonetheless it has its own charm in the autumn too.  We unintentionally started off at the middle of the rushing river with a few large boulders piled high on each other, creating a rush of clear water. It was only after we did a circle of the forest, that we found, or should I say my walking buddy found the start of the waterfall. Technically, it’s not a real waterfall, it’s man-made but still very pretty (the surrounding bits anyway.) 

A perfect stop to eat cookies also…

The woods itself were heavenly to photograph with  red, rusty, and brown autumn décor.  And I think we’ll be going back there to hitch up a tent for the night.

Loving Life in Wellies Blog

We left and continued on to the Rynogs (the mother of all mountains!)  We’d got there quite late and so we had to be careful because the weather changes very quickly. And you do not want to be stuck on the side of one in the ferocious winds.

We decided to not climb the actual Rynogs due to the time, weather and my lack of experience in hiking. So we took a detour to one of the others across the valley. I’d like to add – it was still pretty intimidating.  Luckily my walking buddy is very good at keeping me calm and distracts me with laughter.  I love heights but it’s getting  down that scares me a little!


The terrain was very rough. Deep prickly heather, soft peat bogs, conspicuous water holes, sharp boulders and then the wind that was getting stronger by the minute. I clutched the long grass to keep my balance on the way up, thankful that I had waterproofs on.

It was then I discovered this: girls with fringes shouldn’t go hiking or at least  invest in clips.

Finally after an hour we reached the top, well nearly the top, but I couldn’t go any further because I was a bit concerned about getting down.  It took us another hour to climb down but we stopped for soup and a breather.



It was here we discovered this: never try to pour soup out of a flask without unscrewing the top.

See life lessons, you couldn’t learn anywhere else!

I sat on my bottom and slid down for most of it the journey down… It’s the only way I feel secure!


We just left as the winds and rain picked up and headed through Barmouth and stopped off at the beach. If you know me, you’ll know I’ve a love affair with the beach.  It looks very different in the colder months though but it still has a magical feeling to it.

My mermaid routes were still craving a paddle but my human routes were telling her no way !

Ending the day with some chips and all is right in world.

Snowden next…



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