The air’s been rather fresh in the mornings and chillier in the evenings. The evening skies are flooded with soft reds and softer pinks from the day’s moderately warm sun.  The afternoon skies have been blue with hardly any clouds and you wouldn’t know that we’re in September until we have thunder storms and torrential downpour.  It’s a mix but that’s British weather for you and you’ve to love it in some way otherwise what’s the point of living here?


Over the last few months, I’ve been watching the hay in the nearby farms getting cut, bailed up and left to dry. I’ve heard some of the farmers have suffered this year due to the excess rain and not having enough time for the hay to dry out. The hay at the time of writing this (early September) is still sitting in the fields drying out.  Every evening you hear the humming coming from the tractors and combine harvesters and you hope that tomorrow should you need to be somewhere early, you don’t get stuck behind them doing 20 mph.


My favourite time of the evening is around 7 pm when the House Martians (edit- Martins but I like Martians better!) who’ve had an abundance of baby M’s are learning to fly. They’ll swoop around your head and back into where there nest is, using the entrance as practice.  The geese nearby fly over every morning and night and their loud calls are hard to miss – they’ll be flying south soon. The small holding’s cat Ollie, sits on top of the back door hopefully waiting for one of the little chicks to miss and fall into his mouth but they never do. My Mr D instead either sleeps in the orchard or sits at the edge of the field waiting for baby mice but they never come out thankfully and so he sulks back in meowing for cheese.




A few of my favourite moments this summer include discovering the strawberries. The cats like to sit in here so it means you’ve to dig the strawberries out of the soil! I loved gently collecting the raspberries as they fall to pieces if you’re too rough. And then there’s harvesting the potatoes and picking the apples as well as weeding the kale beds.  You wouldn’t believe the time and effort that goes into looking after fruit and veg especially when you live near to corporations who insist on spraying fields full of nasty chemicals! I’ve also ditched the bread maker and made spelt bread by hand as I had a lesson off a bread expert (my friend’s mum who’d deny that).

Living this rural has  opened up my eyes to things that most people don’t know or purposely ignore. For instance, farming is not what used to be- passed down to families, living off the land and giving back. Nowadays it’s corporations buying up the land, pumping it full of nasty chemicals and ruining the roads with their heavy vehicles and impacting upon the natural world.  It sort of takes the rosy tinted spectacles off of it yet I can still appreciate its glory and know that there are positive change happening.


The gardens are slowly changing and I’ve spotted a few brown leaves here and there. I’ve taken it upon myself to create some winter hanging baskets and fairy gardens for that added artistic flair (they’re a work in progress). Therefore I’ve been spending my time at the local garden centre falling in love all over again with Heather as it reminds me of last winter’s hiking journey as I clung on to the robust Heather because the ground was slippery.  Oh memories!

I’ve had my heating on a few times already and wore my first jumper in 6 months the other day! I’m getting cravings for hot comfort foods such a pie, mash, gravy, hot chocolate and warm apple pie (with the apples from the garden).   Yes the seasons are changing and I especially love autumn because of the colours, the textures and it’s my favourite time to be out with my camera. I love cinnamon and vanilla candles burning in the evening, hot baths to warm my hands and feet up and I can still wear my summer dresses but with added tights.



I’m hopefully going to get some last minute stand up paddle boarding sessions in before it becomes too cold and a hike up Cadair Idris again before the winds get too strong. My outdoor adventures don’t stop, there’s just more planning involved and extra layers to keep me warm and dry.

I’ve still lots of posts to put up from over the summer as I’ve been having camera issues so I’ve refrained from putting them up. I’d like to tell you about my gorge walking adventures, galaxy walk around Ellan Valley and wander around Hafren Forest so I’m sure I’ll get chance to on one of the more greyer Septmber days.

What do you like about this time of year?




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