Some of you may know that I’ve recently moved. I’m now living on a small holding about 8 miles from a town and around 4 miles from a small village with one shop and a pub.  You probably think I’m mad don’t you? I get told it all of the time – ‘you’re 24, you should be out partying’ – been there, done that and wrote the blog post!

You see about 3 years ago, I decided that city life just wasn’t me. Of course I’m not going to knock its vibrancy, culture and diversity because they are very special things to behold and whilst I was there it was great. However city life for me meant that I was constantly switched on, programmed, on edge call it what you like. I could never rest mind, body and soul whole-heartedly.


Moving out  to a smaller town was the first step of ‘living in the country.’ I found it a little bit of a challenge getting used to the transport and early closing banks but it forced me to change my lifestyle for the better.   It’s always been my plan to have my own small holding and it’s something I’ll have one day soon.  And so for now, I’m renting a place located in the middle of nowhere but the middle of somewhere for me.  I’ve kale, potatoes, strawberries and so on growing in the orchard, I get woken up by House Martians, the sound of tractors cutting the fields and I think to myself ‘another day of paradise.’

I don’t think I could have moved here straight away, it’s taken me time to adjust and realise that I’m actually not stuck in the middle of nowhere and so what if I am, this nowhere is beautiful.  And yes I still have to get out for conferences, meetings and so forth but when I do arrive in the likes of London, Birmingham and Manchester I appreciate the fast paced city but it’s my choice to not have to put up with 24/7. I like that.


I feel privileged that at my age, I’m getting to see this kind of lifestyle and it’s not just about being in state of ‘retirement’. Keeping a small holding is a lot of work – spraying the fields (chemically free), cutting the fields,  looking after animals, plants and gardens. The work is endless and it’s a business in itself. Thankfully, I’m renting off friends so we all chip in (well I’m about to soon!)  But I’m seeing this as training, training for my own small holding someday very soon – we’ve to all start somewhere. It’s certainly given me a lot of new ideas for future posts.   But yes this laid back country lifestyle is definitely for me thrown in with kayaking, horse riding, hiking, wild swimming and so on.


It’s become me, my lifestyle, a way of being and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve had to change and adapt and at times it’s not been easy. I’ve confronted fears and overcome phobias, found things I thought I’d never like or be able to cope with but I have.

The human race is amazing at change if we embrace it (at our own pace that is)…. 

Dear readers, I’m not suggesting you up and move to the middle of nowhere to inspire change.  Change can be implemented in small amounts. Whether that be a new hobby, a new food, a new way of thinking or feeling. I do know that some of you may be facing change at the moment whether through choice or a case of having to. It may keep you up at night and you’ve butterflies sometimes snakes in the pit of your stomach. It feels uncertain – will it work out? I can’t answer that for you but I can say, have a little faith and trust in the process of life.


Everything always works out even if it doesn’t feel that way at the beginning.

I’d love to know if you’ve been going through any positive changes in your life?



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