I’ve mentioned Powys Castle on this blog previously. I’ve only been a few times but it’s definitely a spot for future picnics this summer.  I joined the National Trust for £30 a year with a single person membership so that means I can visit over 300 locations for free.

Powys Castle 

Powys Castle - Loving Life in Wellies Blog

Owned by the National Trust, it’s surrounding by acres of gardens and lands. The castle itself still has a Earl living there so although it’s opened to the public a lot of it, is sectioned off and you’re not allowed to take pictures when inside. However, you can expect all of the luxuries a castle has with gold painted ceilings, four poster beds, artifacts from around the world, grand wooden stair cases and doors which lead to secret entrances.

It’s worth a look around that’s for sure.

However if you’re like me then you’ll much prefer to be in the surrounding grounds of Powys Castle. I’d go as far as saying they are far more splendid. There are deer and peacocks walking about and an abundance of insects, flowers and trees.  It’s a picture and garden lover’s paradise!

I recently went back when my nan came to visit. She loves gardens and indeed enjoyed herself. As did I. My Nikon came with me this time and I took great pleasure in finding postcard pictures around the place.

Here’s a collection of pictures that I took whilst there.

Powys Castle - Loving Life in Wellies Blog

Powys Castle Loving Life in Wellies Blog



Powys Castle Loving Life in Wellies Blog




I’m looking forward to see how well it’s bloomed during the summer months and of course, to take a picnic on a hot summer’s day.

Where are you look forward to visiting this summer?



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