I was recently contacted by Microsoft’s social media team to see if I wanted to test some of the Nokia Lumia phones. Of course I had to think for a long 2 seconds!  I started off with the Lumia 735 and I’ll be going through some of the features that stood out for me and some that didn’t.


I loved the fact it’s orange (available in other colours too) but orange is such an uplifting colour.  I like it so much because when I put it down there’s no chance ‘misplacing’ it in the grass!  Initially I was a little concerned with the size – it felt so big!  I’m used to my dinky iPhone 4s and thought the size of the Lumia 735 would be a problem.


After a few days, I realised that the size is perfect. It fits very well in the palm which means it doesn’t fall out of your hand (like my iPhone does!) and it’s really nice to handle.  The Amoled screen is 4.7 and displays impressive visuals.

It’s completely touch screen apart from a lock and volume button on the side and since giving up my BlackBerry, I’m used to touch screen.

It’s pleasing on the eye and it looks and is well designed although the back is plastic, it looks rather expensive and ‘hi tech.’

One last thing – it’s strong and robust unlike my iPhone which is too delicate for its own good! I’d say the Microsoft Lumia 735 is an adventurer’s phone.


I struggled a little bit when it came to finding out what icon did what. Particularly when I loaded my camera up, I didn’t know how to get off it and doesn’t have any dedicated camera button. It was only by chance that I touched the bottom of the screen and an arrow came up. I later learnt that swiping down brings the arrow up and controls how you get back to the main screen

After a day or so though I knew what did what.


One of the biggest features that stood out for me was the keyboard and howresponsive it is.  You only have to hover over a letter and it does what it’s told. In other phones, I’ve found the keyboard to be quite slow so I was impressed.

Only by accident did I discover that if you drag your finger over the keyboard, it works a bit like pen to paper does – It draws your words and predicts what you’re writing. The prediction is rather spot on too.

I really love how long the battery lasts with 17 hours of talk time. I don’t think my iPhone has ever lasted a third of that time! I didn’t have to charge it for a whole two days despite having my social media notifications on constantly.

The sound and video quality is pretty great! At times it can be slow (ish) to load but not to the point where it becomes a real issue.

Camera -Full HD 5MP wide angle

I’m motivated to buy a phone because of its camera. I’m on the go a lot and I like to capture that through pictures. My current phone gives me great pictures but the Lumia 735 definitely does far better in the camera department.


My 4s is what’s known as a point and shoot camera which is great but as a DSLR user, I love to be able to control my shutter speeds, ISO and so on. I was delighted to realise that  the Lumia lets you do just that. Plus it’s very good in low light.


My favourite feature is the ‘close up’ setting. I LOVE macro photography which the Lumia is awesome for. I also love little photography tricks like in- focus subjects, blurred backgrounds and vice versa. This can only usually be achieved on DSLR’s.

But actually the Micrsoft Lumia 735 allows you to do all of the above with a simply tap on the screen.


  1. Tap subject to bring it into focus and blur background
  2. Tap background to bring it into focus and blur foreground

Camera – Selfie mode 

The only thing I’d say is, the quality of the selfie option is not as good – I’m not too sure exactly why but I think it may be because it goes on to point and shoot mode. I think this function would be much better if you could adapt the settings.


That said it still takes a more than decent selfie! (Not that I’m saying I look good in one….!)

Editing software

I love myself some editing software and I’m always using the Adobe Photoshop (app version). Yet the Lumia has its own and I find it’s just as good and actually easier to use. Plus it makes it super easy to share on your social media networks too which I think is an important feature nowadays.

My other thoughts….

Nokia has changed a lot since I was handed my first Nokia 3210 (I love the game snake!)They’ve definitely progressed with the times. What I love is because it’s a Window’s operating system; it’s like having a mini computer in your hand. With features such as: a Quad-core 1.2GHz, access to the  One Drive, Word, Excel and so on, it’s certainly a phone you could work on the go with.

As a freelancer this is important!

I don’t get the feeling (unlike Samsung and many others) that it’s trying to compete with the likes of iPhone. It knows what it’s good at and plays on its strengths.

That said my only boohoo moment about this phone was realising that my favourite app WordPress (which I blog from) is not available on here at the moment. There are copied versions which are just terrible.  I know there are not as many developers working on apps for Windows unlike Android and IOS which is a real shame! That said, the app store has all of the most popular social networking apps and a few good alternatives to the ones I currently use.

I am however really considering selling my iPhone and getting a Microsoft Lumia 735.   I’ve enjoyed my time with this phone and 2 weeks is not enough to try out everything because there is so much to explore. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts about it.  I’ll be testing out other Lumias soon, so come back and see what I thought of that.


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