I promised myself that 2016 would be the year of reading and learning. Don’t get me wrong I always do both. But I wanted to start documenting what exactly I was checking out online. Last year, it was all very much ‘I’ll put you in a file and come back to you later’ kind of thing.  Inspired by local blogger Sally Akins, I thought I’d do my own version.

Here’s some things I’ve been reading this month:

I’ve been having a think about some of the equipment I’d like to add to my outdoors stuff and so a Life Straw is on the list. I was still a little iffy of it and didn’t fancy risking a dodgy stomach whilst out camping but Mud and Route‘s put me at ease.

I’d consider myself a free spirit and I’m on the way to becoming a free range human. A post from my favourite travel blogger Absolutely Lucy sums up it up nicely.

January is always a time I feel impatient about seeing places – the wanderlust consumes me. For years I’d dream of travelling around the world but in the past, money, friends and returned passports (one thing or another) has stopped me from doing so. Then I discovered adventures in my backyard. A post share on Dirtbag Darling’s Facebook  reinforces that adventure is everywhere not just in a plane ticket…

And last but not least a little shameless self promotion.I was asked to give a quote over on the Mountain Warehouse blog on keeping happy in January. There’s some awesome  outdoor bloggers on there too.  I’ve not had the January blues because I’ve made sure I’ve things to look forward to.

Talking of which I’m packing to go away to south Wales over the weekend, to stay at a rustic log cabin, with a log burner and steaming jacuzzi,  set in 122 acres of horse filled land.

Oh yes!

What have you been reading and learning from this month?


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