The park was full of flowers today and I got excited at the idea of Spring being here(nearly!) and so my adventure bug kicked in. The idea of dog walks, kayaking trips, wild camping weekends, hiking, surfing, body boarding, gorge walking and not forgetting mountain biking! That’s why I’m thrilled to be testing out DRYU’s dry bags – I’ll need a good sturdy one for the year ahead.

Since I’m a small business, I love meeting other small businesses so I’ve the owner Jamie Street guest blogging for me who’s going to tell us the story behind his brand.

Jamie says… 

Established in South London, I was a boy born in to the hustle and bustle. I have so much love for London but in my late teens I was keen to escape and enjoy its delights as a regular visitor rather than a permanent resident. In 2006 University gave me that opportunity, and after four great years at Bournemouth University I decided it was the place to be.

I love Bournemouth. For me and my wife Hannah living by the sea and forest has opened the door to so many opportunities.  Detaching ourselves from the security of our parents and home town has given us the belief that we can achieve our dreams. 


The freedom to be open-minded and believe we can overcome any obstacle has come from change, which has also been the driving force behind various countries we have seen and experiences we have had. Change opens the door to new opportunities, experiences and ways of thinking.

Since my time at high school I had the desire to develop a brand, create a relationship and feel the satisfaction of someone buying into my creation. Things started small, selling a few things on eBay, but the thrill of it was there. Studying Marketing at University provided a foundation to better understand the structure and strategy required to approach building a business – but still the time wasn’t quite right. I went to work in marketing for an insulation company for 5 years, developing my marketing skills, understanding these environments and gaining experience. I was in my comfort zone.


Despite being stable I felt it was time to live with and overcome the fear of uncertainty and start believing that I could finally run my own business. If things don’t go to plan, I would find another way, I said to myself what’s 6 months or a year in the grand scheme of life? It’s better to fail giving 100% than live in regret. It would have been easy to stay where I was, but to move on and achieve a dream I had to leave my comfort zone once again.

And so DRYU was born from life experiences and a desire to challenge myself. As in all walks of life, people have reasons for avoiding life changing opportunities. DRYU gives you no excuses and invites you to literally dive in to life’s experiences big or small. I think this is why I feel so passionately about my brand, it embodies how I feel about life and in turn motivates me to make it successful. I believe there is no limits to what I can achieve with DRYU and I am driven to develop it into a brand recognised for inspiring free and vibrant lifestyles.


Whilst change and escaping your comfort zone is the defining theme behind this story, it’s important to mention change has also come as a result of stability. As my friend, girlfriend and wife, Hannah and I have made these changes together and having someone who shares and supports your belief can be equally if not more important when embracing change and chasing your ambitions. In a less significant way DRYU provides owners security and stability for their belongings to allow them to fully embrace life’s opportunities.


Chelsea says…

This month I’m re-connecting with my support group to help me push forward with my own business and it sure is good to read about other business owners. I’ll let you know what I think of the dry bags from DRYU soon….


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