#4 Essential Reading: April’s Motivations

Hey all!

It’s been busy here since we’re moving, there’s so much to do and with just 6 weeks left, we’re still house adventuring. We’ve a few viewings this week so fingers crossed we find something we fall in love with, I’ve just got to keep the determination up. Talking of determination, check out his video of a female surfer who couldn’t get a sponsor just because she didn’t have ‘model’ looks.

Whilst I have had a few days out here and there, works been so busy that I’ve not had the luxury of being able to get out like I usually do. I always find my motivation levels lack when I don’t get out in the outdoors and although I’ve been dog walking every morning, it’s not been the same as just taking off for the weekend.  So I look to the internet, Facebook in particular to keep me entertained and came across  Oprah Winfrey, being interviewed by her three daughters.  It sent shivers down my spine  – she speaks truth that lady!

Since I’ve been packing my house up, I’ve been having a bit of a sort out and have found things such as my GPS, Go Pro chest harness and a load of other things, I’d lost over the winter!   I’ve discovered this about myself – my idea of packing is stuffing everything into a small space with no order. My rucksack looks very much the same too for a hike. I found this cool packing video that I may just use as inspiration!

And last but not least, I’ve been working with this cool Dry Bag company, DRY U . Jamie, the owner and I, have quite a blogging friendship and we’ve been guest posting for one another.  I decided to write a piece on Travelling, I’m certainly no expert but you’ll have to read it and let me know what you think.

That’s been my essential reading  (although technically watching) for this month. What have you been reading/ watching?



2 thoughts on “#4 Essential Reading: April’s Motivations

  1. Like the bit about travelling. I guess when talking about travelling that is as far or not so far as you wish. Inside will drive you. Your health may prevent you at times, so you scale it back. Some people see the need to head for Thailand, Australia etc, others a day trip to a National trust property is an adventure. Neither are wrong. Myself I love heading abroad, city breaks are brilliant (beach holidays aren’t for me), I’ve been to Egypt and seen the sights and loved it, but that’s far enough for me. Barca, Prague, Paris and Rome are amazing places. This country also has a lot to offer, as does the rest of Europe so that’s where I plan to visit for the now.

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  2. It’s a great post Chelsea, pleasure to have it on my blog 🙂 With so much to see and do in the UK, more people should spend the time to travel locally, rather than simply turn to distant locations to meet their travel needs. I hope the motivation comes back soon and the house viewings are successful!

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