4 Lessons My Puppy is Teaching Me

I’m a self confessed self developer. I have a desire to learn about life and myself. I’m forever taking lessons from my experiences. My latest few lessons have come from my 4 month old Labrador Baby Bell.


  1. See someone with fresh eyes


Every morning my puppy greets me with the most amazing cuddles. Her tail wags like it’s about to take off. Her tongue licks anything it can get its slobbery chops on. She dives on my bed and pins me to the duvet whilst she smoothers me in unconditional love or tiny bites (she loves with her teeth).

It doesn’t matter if I’ve gone out of the room for 5 minutes or for a day. When she sees me again it’s like the first time she’s ever seen me!


And that got me thinking about the people in my life and how I react when I see them. Do I show them just how happy I am to have them in my life? Probably not as much as I should do.

2.  Choose the biggest stick

From an early age she always went for the biggest stick. She’d bite, chew and never give up. Now she’s a little bigger, those big sticks are small to her. She’s more interested in the bigger branches and although they’re too big for her, that won’t stop her.  She’ll just get bigger and bigger and show those sticks who’s boss.

It reminds me to go for the bigger sticks.  There’s a saying I’ve heard a  few times which goes along the lines of ‘why play small, when you can play big?’ I’m guilty of playing small because of comfort zones and I think if I was to just hold on with my teeth long enough, I’ll be carrying the big branch up the hill with a look or pure satisfaction just like my pup.

3. See the world through new eyes

I love to see her run through the long grass. She skips like a lamb! She sticks her snout high and smells her environment.  She tastes as much as she can.  No matter where she is or how many times she’s seen the same spot of woods, it’s like a whole new world ( feel free to break out in song…) each and very time.


A fellow dog walker said to me the other day, whilst discussing how lovely a day it was, how easy it was to forget just how beautiful the world it.  I’ve seen some incredible beauty in my life and I used to find when I was going through a ‘funky’ patch, I’d forget about all of that beauty. I still do sometimes but Bell reminds me to use that beauty to motivate me.

4. Expect more

I don’t know if you’re aware but a Labrador is  notorious for eating everything in site. No matter how much my pup gets fed, she’ll still try and swindle something off of you. She does this stretch that magically puts her from laying on the bed innocently watching you eat to her head resting on your lap catch the crumbs.

No matter how much attention you give her,  have a 5 minute break and she’s forgotten the last hour and wants to go again!

She always wants more and she always gets it.


I think many of us, myself included, are guilty for settling with what we’ve got.  Why?  Well that’s the £1 million question. But maybe it’s because we’re always told to be grateful and not to want for more.  I agree with the gratitude. You have to be grateful to keep what you’ve got but it doesn’t stop you from wanting to achieve / be or have more of what you love.

I’m expecting more out of my life.

I’d love to know what you’re learning currently?




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