Lifestyle: A Perspective Shifter

I’m meant to be Stand up Paddle Boarding this weekend but one half of the group including me is not very well so we had to rearrange. I did go for a womble in the woods today to get some fresh air and see the newly arriving bluebells.   I’m nearly always well, I think it’s the house hunting that’s been getting me a little stressed out, knowing time’s ticking and I’ve got animals to think about. Although something really changed my perspective today…


The story goes like this. Recently I went to see the most amazing converted barn high up on a Welsh hill with panoramic views.  The trip down was a funny one as we encountered a small herd of baby cows on the road! The place would have been perfect only the people who’d been before us  had put a deposit down. It would have been even more bitter sweet if we wanted it and we did until we realised it was far too small. Anyway, we met the landlord who invited us to have a look around since we’d travelled all of that way.   I wasn’t overly keen on him as  he didn’t seem interested or at all friendly.

I didn’t  think much about it again until Rik came across the landlord on Facebook, turns out he was a friend of a friend. He happened to see a status which the Facebook friend had liked. He showed me it. The status went on to explain his son had been found dead recently whilst backpacking. It would have been his 29th birthday and he passed away on his own in the mountains. They say it was a trip on a wet stone.


Suddenly I realised how selfish I was for judging someone else’s mood when I didn’t know the whole picture. We’re all guilty of it right?

My urge to find a home is important but there’s always someone out there with bigger concerns and that’s not to say ours are not important, it’s certainly no competition, it just puts things into perspective.

And sometimes that’s all we need, perspective shifters.





2 thoughts on “Lifestyle: A Perspective Shifter

  1. My goodness. This post just sent tingles down my back! What an eye opener :O
    This story, although heartbreakingly sad, shares a brilliant message.
    Thankyou for sharing this moral lesson.
    The poor chap and his family 😦

    Sarah xxo |

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Sarah, I felt the same writing it. I know, I can’t imagine what it must be like for them. You’re welcome, I felt it needed to be said, even for my own thoughts.

      Love reading your blog at the moment and looking forward to hearing more about your Cornish adventures.



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