Outdoor Lifestyle: Getting Back to it!

With my recent move to dramatic landscapes of North Wales and all of things that come with settling in to a new house with three gardens, (in need of a TLC and not by a novice gardener) I have somewhat fell out of the outdoor lifestyle. When I refer to the outdoors lifestyle, I don’t mean counting birds, tree hugging, flower sniffing and admiring sunsets. That’s pretty much part of my daily routine and I could never allow myself to fall out of that…

North Wales.png

I guess, I refer to previous years where I’ve tried every activity I could get my hands on. Last year in particular was my year of adventure. I tried everything from gorge walking, climbing, kayaking, SUP, surfing, mountain biking and so on.

This year I had good intentions and planned to make more of these activities. However,  Life kind of got in the way – from injuries,a new house, and finding someone to puppy sit. That happens right?

It’s so easy to get envious of people getting to do the crazy fun stuff that I crave to do – NOW.  Social media is a wonderful tool for inspiring outdoor adventure and I’m often on instgram searching #outdoorwomen and #yearofadventure to at least keep up with what going on out there – it moves so fast!

At the same time, it can also make you feel a little inadequate because you haven’t ticked off what’s on your to-do list. I’ve had extra moments of envy seeing my usual not so adventurous friends trying things they normally wouldn’t do. And I write about it so openly because I believe it’s only human nature to feel like this at times. Life’s certainly not a competition but sometimes it can feel like that. There’s so many achievers out there who inspire me to be bigger and better daily but it can also demotivate me if I don’t set and achieve my big goals – now (it’s the only child spoilt syndrome kicking in).

I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate this all recently when I got a gluten flair up (call it Karma?) and so I retreated to the summer house with a hot water bottle and views of my garden (which is looking more like a garden that a field to my delight!)

I came to the conclusion that the outdoors has helped me so much. It’s taught me loads about myself and others. And actually, I should be happy for others who are getting their dosage of life lessons from nature. Thinking about the bigger picture and how it makes us all better humans beings!


It’s also made me that bit more determined to ensure ‘life’ doesn’t get in the way of the important things. And actually, if you really want something, you’ll make it happen no matter what. So before I went to bed the other night, I put out an intention that stated I wanted to get back into my previous outdoor life ( a mental one rather than a Tweet).

Call it a coincidence or an act of divine intention but the people over at Parkwood Outdoors  Dolygaer invited me down to Dolygoer to indulge in some gorge walking, climbing and sailing with a whole host of other  outdoor bloggers.



I took it as a sign (or something) to remember that most of the time when we really want to do something instead of asking, we just sit and moan….

So perhaps like me, you’ve fell out of something and want to get back in to it – here’s some tips which have helped me.

1. Find someone doing it or wanting to get back in to it

A lot of us when wanting to start something usually like to do it with another (s). It helps with the motivation – the nerves – the questions and so on. I recently joined a FB group with a load of people who love what I love and want to do more of it. We’ve already planned our first hike!

2. Use social media for the good

Like I said previously, it’s easy to feel inadequate when you see people doing the things you want to do. Honestly, it’s counter productive (I’d know). Instead use it as a resource for finding potential places and things to explore, a chance to make new like-minded communities and so on.

3. Get your mindset on board

It’s all good and well bragging about all of these new things you want to do but do you really mean it? I embarked on a hike with the puppy a few week ago ( her first 14 miles) and for the first few hills I complained all of the way (unfortunate for the dog who was stoked to get on new terrain). We’ve since been out and enjoyed hours of moorlands, hills, high winds, and torrential rain etc. I smiled all of the way through it reminding myself this is what it’s all about!

4. Brake away from the naysayers

Last year, I had a few people in my life with a very negative attitude towards my lifestyle choices. In their opinion I was running away from the real world, a loner, doing it for other’s expectations and so on. I soon realised that these types of people who feel the need to ‘express’ their opinions about your ‘informed lifestyle choices’ are just self projecting and actually detrimental to your welling being.

Raise people up – not, knock them down.  Encourage them to reach their full potential because it’s such an enlightening feeling when you achieve your own too.

5. Remember to ASK

It’s so easy to get caught up with the generic elements of life that we forget to ask ourselves what we want out of life.  Life’s got a real handy way of bringing the things that we think about mostly.

I’ll be talking more about my adventures in Brecon over on Instagram at the weekend, see you there?

P.S I’d love to know what kind of things you’d like to get back in to or try for the first time – please share!

OH and BTW….. I passed my CBT. Llanberis and I are have been on some short adventures already! 🙂




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