Walking: The Glyn Valley TramWay

The Ceiriog Valley was once described as ‘A little bit of heaven on earth’ and I’ve to wholeheartedly agree. Part of this gem is a tiny village called Glyn Ceiriog with two pubs, 1 shop and a post office with tearoom and gift shop. It’s an area with lots of walking signs but many routes are over grown and haven’t been used for a while. Most of it is farm land and whilst you are legally allowed to walk through it (providing there’s walking signs) the farmers don’t care much for that so do be careful where you go wandering…

One walk which is pretty special in the area is the Glyn Valley Tramway route. Heading out about 0.3 mile outside of Glyn Ceriog going towards Pandy. The start of the walk can be seen on the left side of the road with a creaky gate and National Trust sign which marks the beginning.

Glyn Valley TramWay

Just opposite the road is a small spot for 1 /2 cars to park out of the way of on -coming traffic.

Walk down a small hill which is currently clad in russet coloured leaves, partially hiding slippery stones. Here is the fast flowing and deep 18 mile Afon Ceiriog – watch out small children and dogs. There’s a few openings where you can ramble down to the edge of the river and admire the fast flowing water. Here you can turn back on yourself but you’ll arrive at a campsite with a no entry sign.

Afon Ceriog

Carrying straight on, the path is narrow, full of bumps and lumps. The wooded area gets muddy and wet. In fact in July time this year, it was covered in a few inches of water – waterproof boots recommend!

I walked in my new Hi Tech boots. It’s my first proper walk since breaking them in. I can confirm they’re waterproof and I’d go as far as saying they’re my best pair of boots yet.

Hi Tech Hiking Boots

Review coming soon

With a few houses dotted along the side of the trail, it still feels somewhat secluded. It’s a popular route for hackers and mountain bikers. It’s a super easy walk.

On the left hand side, look up and you’ll see craggy rock faces and this time of year, brown ferns fill in the crags. The river disappears out of sight and you should see what looks like remains of an old tram way line (the gates and the beware signs encourage you to stay out).

You’ll next cross an iron bridge and the river flows underneath it. It’s a nice place to stop and listening to the bubbling and rushing around you. If you carry on, you’ll eventually be directed to Pandy Rock (where a lot of the professionals climbers go).

Glyn Valley TramWay

However we ventured off the path and took a gate on our left which lead us up into the hills – I’m assuming this is part of the Berywyn Moutains and not the tramway route.


We took the ‘LLWYBR CYHOEDDUS’ path up…..


The scenery is truly stunning especially around this time of year. The golds, russets and burnt oranges certainly enhance the view. Walk up a short hill and you’ll come to a little brook which we crossed over and followed the flattened ferns (which had made a path) further in to the hills.


My eyes caught sight of something quite tall watching me with wild eyes. As we climbed higher, 5 horses stood curiously watching us. A mum and foal (both white) and two black and white ones. Try to not to cause too much attention to yourself – horses can get spooked easily and you certainly don’t want to be stood on!

We crossed over another brook which took us in the opposite direction up and over into hills with the craggy rock faces (which you can see at the bottom of the hill by the gate)


We decided to stop here for lunch with a view …..


We even got Baby Bel to pose for a few ….


On the way back, I let Bel and Rik carry on whilst I went in for some closer contact with the horses. I wasn’t too sure if they were wild it’s not uncommon in Wales and Shropshire but they all cantered down to greet me so I assumed not so wild after all.


Mom let me stroke her nose and she even let me stroke her foal – truly magical. The other two had rushed down to see what was going on but I got the feeling albeit fans of the human kind, they were suspicious as to why I was there.
They did pose for a quick photo though and then I took off, back from where I came, with a warm belly full of broccoli and Stilton soup and mind full of delightful scenery!

A perfect stroll for a Sunday? I think so….



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