Lifestyle: Hello January 2017!

Pictures throughout are some of my favorites from 2016. Head on over to instagram to see more!

SUP at Dolygaer Park

I managed to take most of Christmas off (nothing to do with my amazing organisational skills  – just luck I think.) Christmas in our new home with all of our families around us has been exceptional.  As my festive painted red lips bit into a mince pie (one of many)! my Nan reminded me of how my Great Grandma (her mum) used to get told off for wearing red lipstick and nail varnish as she worked away in the factory in place of my Great Granddad who was stationed and serving in Burma (1940s).  The factory manager would make the women wash off any hint of glitz and glamour until he wasn’t looking of course….

Kayaking on the Montgomery Canal
Exploring on my kayak…

The only glitz and glamour in my home this Christmas was my tree (sorry Gran), not even painted nails this year. Between shopping, wrapping, sending, visiting, cooking, unwrapping, eating and sleeping, those verbs didn’t have any time for beautifying!


But when the tree lights went out and there wasn’t a peep in the house, everyone snoring contently with a full belly,  I knew this was just the start of something even more magnificent.  To have everything you’ve ever wanted under one roof, is such an amazing feeling, one I’ll cherish.



If I could describe 2016 in words I’d say : forgiving, enlightening, natural, balanced, baking, open fires, excitement, generosity, fulfilling relationships, painting, stories and sunsets.

I’m not one for NY resolutions. By all means I sent myself goals. In fact I ordered the most amazing business planner (which you’ll have seen me talking about on Instagram). I’m in the middle of setting some big hairy fat goals for 2018 (yes a year ahead – way out of my comfort zone)!!!  

Mascara and Mud (c)

Whilst I’ve no NY resolutions, I’ve chosen one word (MORE) I’d like to use and see more often.

More adventure. More fulfilling friendships. More knowledge. More starry skies. More camping. More walking. More doing.  More deep breathing. More being. More holidays. More hot chocolates.  More planting. More goal setting. More business. More family time.  More creative time.  


Easily implemented you’ll see…

Last night, I put on my wellies and went out to see the fireworks from surrounding villages to celebrate the New Year. In reality tho we only got to see the occasional flash as the hills were too high for them to climb. As the clock hit midnight and we all shared hugs, I realized this is the first year I’ve not felt any hint of nostalgia or feelings of ‘should have.’  I’ve laid everything I’ve ever carried to rest.


There’s so much talk these days of how to look and feel  beautiful and I’ve learnt that letting go, learning and enjoying a simplified life is probably one of the best recipes for looking and feeling healthy.  I think Gran, that’s my glitz and glamour – mud and all!


I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from home and away for visiting my tiny corner of the world.  If you’ve just found my blog then welcome, you can expect to find things about the natural world, adventure, country living, and my changing perspective on the natural world around me.

And now and then, there may be a lipstick selfie…. (in memory of my Great Granny)