Lifestyle: #BlueJanuary? My 7 Remedies

January can be a challenging month for many.  All of that build up over Christmas and New Year, it can leave you feeling rather deflated.  I’ve found it a little hard to get back into work mode this month. I’m still humming Christmas songs and I begged Rik not to put the tree and decorations away… And the snow fall we had for 3 days reminded me of festivities all over again!  Whilst I wouldn’t describe it as blue January personally, I’ve certainly had to invest more time in to things that keep me focused.

  1.  Wholesome Vegan Food 

If you’re ever planning on coming to the Welsh boarders – take a stop off at Oswestry to a cafe called Liar Liar as well as the best coffee (and hot chocolate) in town, vegan company Fat Rabbit are there.  This is my Saturday go to for rich, wholesome and filling food.


American style pancakes with date syrup, nuts, chocolate, blueberries and coconut yogurt (V)

2.  Sunday Walks

The weather has been great  for January and so I’ve chosen my Sundays to veg out in the countryside. I think a nice walk helps to prepare you for the week ahead. I find myself splitting a long walk up across the 4 Sundays of the month – going a little further each time. All adding up to my Walk 1000 Miles. 


3. Learn  a New skill

There’s no point moping around is there? I’d rather invest my time and energy into learning new things. I’ve a ton of work projects on which requires new knowledge but personally,  I’ve been reading up on how to tie walking boots properly for different foot needs! It all started with this photo….


4.   Start Using your Christmas Presents

So many Christmas presents end up shoved in a cupboard until ‘we’ve got more time to use them.’ I’ve been delving in a bread book Rik’s mum gifted me and so I’m keen to make some Naan breads (never done it before).  I’m a bread monster, it makes me feel warm and full yet shop bread doesn’t agree with me so it’s homemade!  Although I confess not all of the time…

5.  Get Outdoor Kit Organised

I’ve had a good sort out of what I want to keep and what I don’t want.  After the clear out (ongoing) I’ve added a new addition – DryU bags and Micro towels.  Love the bags as I can keep it to one side with my gear in for daily dog walks or weekly swims!  I’ve yet to use the towels but I’m testing them out tonight after a swim.


6.  Get Involved in a Creative Challenge

I love all of the photo challenges on Instagram such as #TUWPhotowalk from @the_urban_wanderer or  #mybeauitfulmess from @abeauitfulmess.  What about personal challenges? I’m in the process of writing mine in my 100 things to do in my new Shining Life Planner.  There’s even the Big Garden Bird watch at the end of this month which I can’t wait to do.

7.  Take a Big Deep Breath

And count to ten. A few years ago, I visited a meditation retreat in Oxford. Every hour of the day, we’d stop what we were doing and breath deeply for 1 minute. You’d be surprised just at how calm you feel by the end of the day.  I know January is full of expectations, deadlines and the ‘I don’t have time’ mentality but it’s worth looking after yourself as you’re a better person to be around!

What do you do to make yourself feel great this January?



10 thoughts on “Lifestyle: #BlueJanuary? My 7 Remedies

  1. I managed to sort my own outdoor kit, can’t remember which post it was of yours that suggested donating any unused good stuff to giftyourgear. Well I sorted it and took it to Exeter Rohan shop (all the Rohan shops collect this stuff for them). The weather however must be on a different zone to yours in Wales, as we have had 2 weeks of low lying clag and cloud. Rubbish for photos and less fun to walk in. I did get out on Sunday but ended up in the Dartmoor mist for about 2/3rds of the walk. Need more clear skies down here, and some snow, that would be good!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s fantastic good on you! Now lots of people will have some nice fleeces to keep warm in. 😎 Mist is quite scary. I got lost in South Shropshire, Carding Mill Valley a few years back in mist, it comes in so fast doesn’t it !? Well hopefully it will change for you soon. It’s starting to feel warm up here and the daffs are shooting already…. I’ll be chanting better walking weather for you. ☺


  2. This is a fantastic list!!! I love Sunday walks too, or Saturday ones for that matter. I have to admit, what impressed me most was the picture of how to tie your hiking boots – definitely going to test that! I’ll also google the DryU bags, they look interesting.


  3. I too have really been struggling to get motivated this month. All my energy seems to be focused on losing the ridiculous amount of weight I piled on through inactivity for the last six months, and nothing else! It feels like forever since I’ve seen the sun too. Bring back the summer!


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