Walking: Pistyll Rhaeadr with my Blogger Bytty

Note: That should translate as ‘with my blogger mate.’ 

Remember how before Christmas, I introduced you to Cerys, a local north Wales blogger I met at a trip in South Wales and how we planned to walk more in 2017? Well I’m delighted to say we started the year off with one of my favourites;  Pistyll Rhaeadr. 


I’d recommend this outdoor area of interest for beginner walkers because a) it’s pretty easy to get to the top of but don’t underestimate that in bad weather and  b) there’s a lovely cafe and BnB next to the car park as well as a campsite (I don’t recommend the free public loo though)!


Ah,  this area brings back so many memories specifically my first ever visit (whilst I was still living in the city) which involved being dragged up in flip-flops and a dress- don’t even think about it….

The drive was scenic (for the passenger – me) and scary (for the driver – Cerys) since it had a fresh layer of snow and ice on the roads and mountains, and so we crept slowly around the mountain tops, with its winding and narrow roads.  Well we are in Wales


We talked about Christmas and our family lives (something both close to our hearts).

On arrival, I was quite surprised at how busy it was, the free ‘car park,’ a bit of tarmac by a fast flowing stream was rammed full of ‘tourists’ so we headed to the £3 car park and only just got a spot!   You can instantly see the majestic but cold waterfall from here. Simply meander down to it, stand on a little bridge, iron clad with the Welsh dragon,  and admire it’s glory or carry on over the bridge up into the craggy rock faces with steep ledges.  There are so many routes around this area but I always seem to take the same one probably because I know it so well…


Well I say the same route but Cery’s Alf and friend had other ideas.  We started our route by exiting the car park (the way you drive in) and on your left, take the few steps leading  into a little bit of woodland and then you begin the ascent. I usually take the sloping slate path with eases you gradually up to the top. Alf and co ran off and before long, we’d took a direct route up which involved my version of light scrambling 😉  and then the path ended.



So we took a redirect as the sat-nav would say, to another craggy path and ended up at the top. Certainly a short route (4 miles in total including a wander around the cafe)!


The views of the Berwyns are incredible – the snow clung to the tracks of where people had walked, making patterns on the mountains. There was a slight fog, yet we could just see the peaks.  There are so many walks around these parts, Pistyll Rhaeadr is just one of the attractions.  



Talking of the waterfall, take a left, into  the long grass and see a stone wall with a sign that directs you to the waterfall. It’s always slippery here even in summer and as you get further down, closer to the edge, you’ve to be careful with your footing! But there’s rocks to climbs, and mini waterfalls to photograph so it’s worth it…. 



I used  Rik’s Cannon which I’m not good at using, miss my Nikon!

I of course practiced my Welsh with my new Welsh mate, she was certainly encouraging.  I really want to learn more of if, this year. I can spell and write it better than speaking.  I love how Cerys and her son switch between Welsh and English.


Over all, it was a great day, even in the line of snowballs (Alf & co) and I’m looking forward to our next walk (no location plans as yet). 

To date, I’ve walked 75 miles this month and with 3 days left, I know I’ll easily hit 100 miles providing this freezing fog goes away….


What’s made your January special?



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