Adventure: Glamping in Llyn Peninsula

Glamping in North Wales

Out of all of the amazing outdoor type adventures I’ve done, glamping in North Wales hasn’t been one of them! But I’m certainly glad to have changed that.  If you’re wondering what the heck glamping is? Think of it as camping but with a few creature comforts.   The toilet, shower and cooking facilities don’t require you to go wandering about in a field! Therefore great for the newbie outdoor enthusiast or families who want to be in the outdoors without compromising their essentials.

Watch the video tour of the inside of the Glamping Pod.

Glamping in Dinas, Llyn Peninsula

One sun-kissed weekend in March, we took a road trip to the North Wales coast where we’d be glamping for a few nights, courtesy of Wigwam Holidays and Dewi, the owner of the Dinas glamping site in Llyn Peninsula.

Glamping in North Wales

Home for the next few days…

After a scenic two hour drive to Dinas, we pulled up to a well-maintained car park and beyond that was lush green lands filled with skipping baby lamps and views of the Garn Fadryn mountain. We were greeted by Dewi, took to the glamping pod and then we were left to it.  I really appreciated the privacy. There’s nothing worse than knowing you’re under a watchful eye when you’re trying to relax!

Glamping in North Wales

The site was beautiful. Well maintained but wild too.  Equipped with a large fishing pond (catch and release only with no metal hooks) and home to a bunch of friendly free range chickens who loved grooming Bel!   Dewi does except dogs in one of the pods but it’s best to check with him first. 

Edited 9

The softly spoken North Walian farmer told us of the wild ducks who nested at his pond which nowadays let him hand-feed them.  His passion for nature was obvious. I loved the site and appreciated how natural it had been kept, with patches of long grass for the wildlife to nest in and trees for the birds to play in.  

There’s certainly a trend/need for intimate, scenic, accessible yet remote getaways (which I’m a big fan of!) and Dewi’s site fitted right on in. 

Glamping in North Wales

With only 2 glamping pods (but a plan for a further 2/3 ) there’s enough space for everyone to do their own thing. Even though we had neighbors, the pods are spaced far enough from each other and surprisingly sound proofed! Equipped with a double bed, sofa bed, table and chairs, fridge, cooking hob, microwave, toaster, kettle, pots and pans etc, washing (shower) and toilet facilities plus a book packed with things to do in the local areas – it was home from home.  Outside there was a picnic table and a BBQ/firepit.

Psst: this looked flipping amazing to do but best to do it on the way there or the way home because it’s quite a drive.

Since it was a scorcher of a weekend – outside dining was the only option! Plus a cool pair of binoculars meant for some spying (on the hills)!

Glamping in North Wales

An evening stroll….

Glamping in North Wales

On Friday night, I left Rik and Bel to get settled in and I took a walk up to Garn Fadryn as it had been the first thing I’d noticed and wanted to explore.


There’s a nice and easy (on the feet) footpath alongside the glamping site’s entrance which takes you up through a woods (on the hilly side here and muddy since it’s a hacking path too). As I reached higher up,  I could hear Bel testing out her vocals and it echoed across the valley.

North Wales

Always sporting the checked shirts….

Soon,  the sea became visible and there were stunning views of Snowdon and Tryfan etc to the right.  The walk takes you into another village where you begin your ascent to the last part of Garn Fadryn

Glamping in North Wales

With the sun setting, water levels running low and a grumbling belly, I decided to go back.

After watching the sunset slip away, stargazing (made more amazing in a light pollution free area), some food and a comfortable night’s sleep, we choose Saturday (a scorcher) to be a beach day! Only 8 and a half miles later and we arrived at….

Glamping in Wales

Porthor (Whistling Sands)

This treasure is looked after by the National Trust  (free parking for members) and has been voted one of the best beaches in North Wales. With white soft sands, crystal clear waters and craggy coastal walks, I could see why.  What a treat.

Edited 24

Sadly it’s not dog-friendly between May – September. It’s also worth noting the beach’s postcode takes you 1 mile away from Whistling Sands, to another National Trust owned area equipped with picnic tables and walks galore.

Llyn Peninsula

Bel loves the beach – she skips in and out of the waves like a Bambi we also found she likes to see which one she can push off into the sea during our mini coastal walk (nearly happened)!   And she made Rik ( I say made – he doesn’t need any encouragement) climb down into a rocky cove to retrieve a tennis ball which some other dog had no doubt lost!

I think this picture pretty much sums up about how we feel about beach time….

Best Beaches in North Wales

Rik captured this one!

Whistling sands has a lovely little cafe (open Spring – Summer) with a beach front seating area and perfect for the dogs to meet and greet one another.

P.S it’s more a squeak than a whistle….

Whilsting Sands, Porthor

Clad in thermals ( I heavily underestimated the Welsh weather), the walk back up the steep tarmac road to the carpark was a struggle and I flopped into the truck, ready to get back to my cool glamping pod! I never really want to leave the beach especially this one.

Best Beaches in North Wales


There’s a pub just down the road from the glamping pod that serves food and also a famous pub on a beach which also serves food but we wanted to spend as much time in the pod as we could, so we opted for salty chips and mushy peas from the nearby town of Pwllheli. I’ve been here many times over the years and have always visited the award winning and friendly chip shop in Pwllheli.

In all honesty,  I’m not a big fan of Pwllheli. It has got some lovely little trinket type shops and a nice harbor but it just seems a little run down…  Plus there are too many children for my liking (sorry family readers)! I do remember it holding a fantastic market though I think, every Wednesday?

I love how nearly everyone speaks Welsh and apparently, it’s very common in these parts. It’s nice to know there are still many places which have kept their identity.

On our last night, we made a fire ( you can get everything you need for a great price off Dewi), dined on our salty chips and mushy peas, played Rugby with the pup and soaked up the surrounding beauty.

Although I live in a stunning place, I could have easily stayed here….


On Sunday, we packed and said our reluctant goodbyes. We took a quick walk back to the base of  Garn Fadryn so I could show Rik what he’d missed out on, watch the pup run wild and reflect upon our time glamping on the North Wales coastline.

Edited 22

On the journey home, we stopped off a Criccieth to get some much-needed lunch. We found a great dog-friendly cafe on the sea front by the name of Swn y Mor which does awesome pizzas and baguettes.

I’ve to admit, not one of my favorite beaches  (again non-dog-friendly between May – September), as it’s more pebbles than sand but I do admire its rocky appearance and dramatic Snowdonia mountain views.  Criccieth castle sits high on a hill (as most castles do) and is a lovely landmark to look at.

Edited 26

We didn’t spend a great deal of time here but it’s a picturesque seaside town that’s for sure!


I’d like to thank Wig Wam Holidays and of course the hospitable and generous Dewi for such a great start to the warmer months.  I really enjoyed glamping in North Wales for the first time ever and would love to come back again for a week in the summer or winter (since they’ve central heating).

I’d like to know if you’ve tried glamping, what you thought of it and/or if you’ve visited any of the places I’ve mentioned?


Disclaimer: this was a sponsored post but all views, sandy toes and the wet pup is mine. 


8 thoughts on “Adventure: Glamping in Llyn Peninsula

  1. I haven’t tried glamping yet, but I quite like the idea of turning up and everything is ready. Looks like an amazing place to spend a few days. I’m very keen to return to Wales so storing up lots of ideas for next time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes that is certainly a benefit. You can kinda go adventure straight away instead of having to set everuthing up. That said for a lot of us part of the adverture for us is finding where we’re going to sleep but it’s great because glamping allows you to dip your toes in, to the outdoors. Yes you should come back !!! There’s soooo much to do. Best to pick an area and go from there. I’d love to do a lot more of Brecon …..


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  3. I have never been glamping so was eager to find out how your weekend away went! It sounds great and a lovely way to stay in Llyn in the colder months. The pods really are equipped, aren’t they?!

    The LLyn Peninsular is one of my favourite parts of Wales (we were in Uwchmynydd at New Year) absolutely stunning scenery and nice and quiet too. I enjoy places with fewer children too. If you think Pwllheli is kiddy, try Abersoch! 😉

    I really enjoyed your write up of your trip, Chelsea, and will definitely consider glamping if I get the opportunity in the future. 🙂

    Lovely pictures too, of course x


    • It’s nice to try new things isn’t it. Glamping makes me think I could maybe get out of the habit of wild camping hehe. Yes they do have everything you need…. Oh lovely, I know of it but have never been. One to put on the list then. Ha ha yes I’ve heard that about Abersoch too – wouldn’t
      mind going their Wakeboarding fest though! Aw I’m so glad you enjoyed it, thanks for taking the time to read. I’ll wait in anticipation to catch up on your Paris trip. xxx


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