Lifestyle: Hello April

Hello, April! I’m a little late I know but wth my lovely little glamping trip in North Wales at the end of last month, holiday prep for Italy next month and all of this glorious sun, I’ve been a tad distracted!


Slow Living

Currently, I’m spending Sunday mornings in bed with my giant windows open, letting in the hot and hazy air.   Keep an eye on the blue skies, Buzzards and Kites circle for their day’s catch.  In the distance, there’s a hum from the farmer’s quad bikes as they drive from field to field to check on the lambs.  During the hot afternoons,  the sheep who seek comfort in the shade, don’t even bother to move as they usually do, when you get too close to their patch of grass.  There’s a particular piece of land which is swarming full of the tiniest baby rabbits I think I’ve ever seen.  There’s even a black one among them and I’ve even had a few hares dart out in front of me! The once bare trees now sway in the breeze showing off their delicate new shoots and leaves.  My lilacs are beginning to shoot and in a few months, there will be a mass of pinks, whites, and purples in the gardens. Not forgetting those Daffodils…


Ah yes, Spring, a time of rebirth, renewal, promises, wishes, hopes, and dreams all propelled by the season’s cycle.  It’s my second favorite season (Autumn is first). 

Walk 1000 Miles

I’m glad to announce that I’ve passed the 300-mile mark  (only counting walks rather than day to day steps) where my walking is concerned, things have been a little slower than planned ( I lost my motivation somewhere in mid-March)  but I finally booked my place on the Hills Skills weekend in June with Plas Y Brenin and it’s kickstarted my walking-lust. From what I’ve read it’s a challenging few days physically and mentally so I want to make sure I’m prepared.  My pace has certainly got a lot faster. Not that I take great pleasure knowing I can walk faster than someone ( as my mom accused me of!)  Instead it brings me joy knowing that my stamina is getting a lot better.  You know – competition with yourself?

Ceiriog Valley

I have also been eying up my dusty mountain bike, it suffered from many scrapes on the trails and it’s due for a service. So…. whilst Rik’s delicious ‘and in perfect working order’ mountain bike is mostly wasting precious tyre burn time, I’ve been keeping it company. My bike fitness IS  bad!  It wasn’t so long ago that I was zipping around at Llandegla and Coed Y Brenin now I can’t even make it to the postbox (1 mile away) without burning muscles…


We have so many mountain bikers around here that it gives me an obvious prompt  (daily) but I don’t think I’m quite ready (probably never will be) to tackle the hills around here….  Anyway, I’ve got a cool biking serious coming up, made from some cycle bloggers I love and follow (in a non-stalkerish way) and a local MTB coach who’s chipping in.

But before I get back on the saddle, the bike needs a service!

What’s on in Llangollen?

I’m extremely excited to be supporting Vangollen in Llangollen this year. Rik and I aspire to van life so at least for the weekend we can pretend (it’s part of the creative manifestation process hey?)  Llangollen is one of my favourite local places to visit, and I spent a lot of my childhood days there so it’s great to revisit as an adult.  A weekend full of vans, bands (including Razorlight) and some awesome activities and entertainment – what more could you want?!

Vangollen at Llangollen

First things first, I need a long week away without no access to my work emails. HELLO ITALY – did you know it’ll be my first time out of the UK in over 17 years?! Crazy right….

There’s no time like the present hey?

In the meantime, I’m clocking some miles up on my scooter and enjoying sunny evening rides into Llangollen to pick up salty chips, spicy curry and the mushiest of peas. Rik’s got his motorbike fixed now so he’s helping me to get more road confident. Bring on the road trips…


I’d love to know what April’s got in store for you?


P.S I’m working on a ‘visit Wales’ type page for my blog – a road map of where I’ve been and recommend.


5 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Hello April

  1. Very envious of Italy, the food is fantastic, in fact most of the country is fantastic. I’ve been the Lakes already this month for a week. Sorting pics now. But have hit a bit of can’t-be-arsed-itus since I got back, not sure about the rest of April, nothing planned, yet!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So I’m guessing you’ve done Italy then? I’ve heard so many good things about it. TBH it’s all about the food. 😉 Oh great, yes I remember you were going, can’t wait to see your pics…. I know what you mean, had that in Feb, best to let it go on its own accord – you’ll get there!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes I’ve done Rome twice, Genoa and all of Tuscany. Didn’t visit a bad town, village, cafe or eatery. Go with your nose and if the locals are in there then it’ll be good. Enjoy yourself and out of the cities Italy can be very relaxing

        Liked by 1 person

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