Adventures: Glamping at the Cambo Estate, Fife


I‘m on a quest to find myself in some of the UK’s unusual glamping spots.   My recent glamping in Fife trip would qualify as unusual, especially when you find yourself glamping on a boat,  a boat that is tucked away in the woodlands with nearby sea views.

Welcome to the Cambo Boat at the Cambo Estate.

Glamping in Fife

Watch for wild deer as you enter the grounds….


Glamping guests have access to the main building, a stunning  1881 country house which is more mansion looking, filled full of oil paintings, wooden staircases, old worldly trinkets, large windows, grand pianos and everything you’d expect from such fine surroundings.


I even found myself devouring a home cooked breakfast across from one of the Country Living Magazine writers (my claim to fame – Hi David!)! With free access to WIFI (a decent speed too) and a comfortable his and hers chaise lounge. It was safe to say, that was our evenings sorted.  Guests were left to make the house, their home.   Despite a full house, we didn’t see a soul except for Molly the pet  French Bull Dog and her pet sitter! 


Liked:  How nature focused the estate is.

Disliked: Pricey taxis and no public transport.

Glamping in the Cambo Boat

With Sea views and a 5-minute walk from the beach and golf course. This location is glamping at it finest.


The boat sleeps a family of 4 – 1 boat style double bed and 2 single sofa beds.   The foldable table is ideal for a game of cards on those wet evenings, or for some cozy midnight snacks.  With mahogany interiors and clever use of limited space, it’s a warm and comfortable space for those wintery nights.


I can imagine it gets a tad claustrophobic if there are more than 2 so the additional decking, cooking and relaxing areas are welcomed. Fires are encouraged and why not cook your own tea?  There are shower and toilet blocks only a few minutes walk away and the hot water is something to shout home about after being in the wild!


The fairy lights lit our way in the evening and supplied lanterns provided us with extra guidance. On our first night, Jenny talked to the Baby Owls and I sat in awe of her bird talking skills.  The really isn’t any need to venture too far out of the Cambo Estate, with its gardens, woods, beach, nearby golf course, own tea rooms and did I mention the trampoline? Hours of fun!



We spent evenings walking a small section of the Fife coastal path. We took an afternoon wandering along the golden sands and admiring the turquoise ripples in the calm sea.   We loved exploring the golf course, fields, vast gardens and woodlands and on the chilly nights when we wanted to stretch our legs, we retreated to the warm and lavish house to ‘laze’ around whilst nattering and drinking a nice cup of tea.







  • I loved how secluded we were and yet so easily accessible to the sea, woods, the facilities and the main house;
  • The trampoline;
  • Friendly staff and dog-friendly;
  • Cute gift shop;
  • The boat was warm, clean and lots of clever storage.


  • Sometimes it felt so secluded that if you needed help there was no one to ask or at least, you couldn’t find staff;
  • The lanterns provided didn’t work but the boat does have electricity;
  • The boat door although charming was a nuisance to open and close;
  • The bed is not long enough for anyone over 5ft11 (sleep diagonally). 

Where to Eat Near the Cambo Estate?

We had a freshly cooked breakfast every morning which you can book at an extra cost.  My favourite was tattie scones with mushrooms and tomatoes.  There’s a selection of items available for a cooked breakfast as well as fruit, yogurt, and cereal.

My advice would be to let them know prior to your stay about special dietary requirements.

Liked:  Locally sourced and no grease in sight!

Disliked: Breakfast wasn’t served until 9 am which is a pain if you have an early itinerary like we had.

The Inn at Kings Barns

This place was recommended to us one evening as the pet sitter set off for tea there on his bicycle, with Molly trotting alongside. And so after a day of stand up paddle boarding in St Andrews, we’d worked up a ferocious appetite. We stopped off at (dog-friendly) The Inn at Kingsbarns (The Scranhoose) on our way back to the Cambo Estate only to realise it was full!


Sure, we had to wait an hour or so (booking is essential) but a glass of something and lots of chin wagging, time passed quickly.   When there was finally room at the Inn, we tucked into homemade macaroni, freshly cut chips and salad.  A great selection of Veggie options too.  We may or may not have devoured the sticky toffee pudding and custard….


A  kind offer of a lift ‘home’ from one of the attentive staff along with a couple who were staying at the Cambo,  meant we missed the bad weather setting in.  

Liked: Hearty food for a super good price.

Disliked: Staff appeared slightly abrupt when we asked for a table but in hindsight, it could have been because we’d not booked and they were so busy! Service was fantastic.

Things to do in St Andrews, Fife

Famous for its golf courses and university, if you’re going to go on graduation weekend as we did, expect to not find any restaurants to eat in.  After the outside menu board at Mitchell’s lured us in, they were too booked up for graduation.  I’d certainly love to eat there in the future.  We didn’t miss out though as we took a trip to the famous Fisher and Donaldson family bakers.  Known for its fudge and cream filled doughnuts, homemade chocolates and Bridies (that’s a Scottish pastie to you and me).

Likes: The pier and although only visited briefly, West Sands.

Dislikes: The bridie turned out to be meat although I asked for cheese and onion.


Kit ALERT – My DryU bag has been so handy this year.



Certainly recommend SUP with the brothers from Blown Away, St Andres.

Take a wander to St Andrews harbor where pretty pastel houses look out on the deep blue North Sea, and little fishing boats float on the harbor. We met up with identical twins Guy and Jamie from Blown Away.  A few hours worth of SUP (stand up paddleboarding) filled with screams and laughter and frantic paddling when the wind took us in the direction of out to sea, was just what was needed.





St Andrews is old worldly, it reminds me a little of Oxford only with glorious coastal and pier walks. The impressive St Andrews Cathedral is worth a look around too,and there are many museums which tell tales of local history.

Other Things to do in Fife

Supercar Driving Experience

One rainy and windy day we took a trip to Fife Airport to meet the owner’s of Supercar Driving Experience,  Louise and Mike. Half an hour later after a briefing, I was sitting in a Lamborghini on a wet track after a famous Scottish downpour, taking a few laps around the airfield. Thankfully, we all survived – not the type of thing I’d do everyday but wow – awesome – taking Rik next year!   With my new and temporary need for speed, I had a passenger lap in a sexy looking Lotus (which I got stuck in) with a professional driver. I was a paler shade of white by the end of it but managed the 2 laps with him….



Liked:  Affordable driving experiences, instructors with a sense of humor and knocking over a cone!

Disliked:  nothing…

Lindores Abbey Distillery

Based in Newborough,  we got a tour around a soon to be opened (now opened)  distillery. Now I don’t drink so these types of place don’t usually interest me. However what I did love is that that utterly stylish distillery is it’s keeping in line with the monks (who brought the whiskey to this part of Fife) traditions such as calligraphy, and beekeeping. And so whilst the focus is the finest Whisky, they plan to put on a range of workshops and events to reflect the area’s diverse past and history. Not forgetting the homemade afternoon teas (happy to cater to V and VE too)!






Liked:  hearing how they plan to employ local people and of course, those homemade pastries.  Their children’s Harry Potter event looks fun! 

Disliked: not being able to take the distillery kittens home! 😉

Have you visited these places in Fife or have any plans to visit the Fife kingdom soon?

Here are those links:

Cambo Boat

St Andrews

Blown Away

Lindors Abbey Distillery


Super Cars

Disclaimer: this was a sponsored post for Welcome to Fife. My gratitude goes to all who made it possible.  All trampolining, meandering, beach time and pure enjoyment were all my very own!



3 thoughts on “Adventures: Glamping at the Cambo Estate, Fife

  1. Likes on this post – Distillery, distillery and the distillery!!
    Dislikes – Not enough distillery!!
    I went to St Andrews around 1997 I think it was, I loved the old cathedral and standing there looking out over the Old Course across the 1st and 18th holes was a highlight. So much history, plus the beach where Chariots of Fire were filmed. Thanks for reminding me of this place

    Liked by 1 person

    • ha ha ha that did make laugh!! Sorry, I’m not much of a drinker so didn’t want to write about something I’ve harldy any prior knowledge about :p. It was a beauitful place though – very impressed! You should go back, it sounds as though you’re quite fond of St Andrews? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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