Thoughts: Outdoors for The Greater Good

Over the last decade, there’s been a surge of interest in getting outdoors. I’m one of the many that have experienced the benefits of being in the natural world and I love to see people discover fresh air and a world away from technology.  However, I can’t help wonder how natural the natural world will continue to be, as more and more people discover that it’s the place to be, for a sound mind and body.   Therefore, I’ve decided to write what will be a regular post, highlighting those who not only reap the rewards from the outdoors but also understand that our relationship with the world is all about give and take.


The one good thing about technology is that I can show you these people who are inspiring change without having to send a carrier pigeon!

Note: all pictures apart from the featured image belongs to the people I’ve mentioned below.

Paddling Against Plastic 

I first discovered Cal Major on Instagram whilst she was in the middle of paddling around the Isle of Sky, clearing up the coastlines. I think the first post I read was a description of a storm she’d been paddling in, being knocked off her stand up paddle board during and losing some of her supplies. It sounded scary but I was struck by her passion to carry on with her mission despite such severe conditions!   Cal, also a representative of Surfers against Sewage is passionate about ridding plastics from our waters.  As a paddle boarder myself, I’ve soon learned that it’s not pleasant paddling among rubbish! My preferences aside,  it’s also having a devastating consequence on our marine life.  To think that future generations won’t know what turtles look like or even what fish are is unthinkable.  Cal has inspired me to help to clean up my local waterways. Whilst I mostly paddle on canals, I’m still going to follow in her footsteps because one small change, can inspire a whole generation.  I’m particularly excited about watching Cal’s new film: Skye’s The Limit.

Outdoor Bloggers 

I find myself actively seeking out organisations who promote ethical living and crave to be a part of it.  I’ve been a part of outdoor bloggers for a few years now.  Not only do they bring like-minded people together with incredible events but they also promote yearly cleanups, and the members take part as well as raising awareness in their blogs. I believe that great change comes about through education and as a blogger, I feel it my responsibility to pass on that education.  Although this year I didn’t get chance to promote their yearly clean up, we did pick up some litter locally. It actually took us an hour and a half to clear up one mile’s worth of litter around the back lanes! The usual MC D’s, KFC, Starbucks, cans, and bottles were left on roadside bushes,  probably thrown by a passerby who thinks that the back of beyond doesn’t count…

Garth Organic 

I’ve become more and more interested in communities who are keen to change the way we do things (for the better) and that includes food production. We have a multitude of sins in how we produce food and with the likes of community gardens and co-operatives who are not afraid to go against the grain, I think there is plenty of hope.  Garth Organic Farm is local to me and they practice permaculture which is a holistic approach that can be applied to every aspect of our lifestyles. They grow chemical free veggies and flowers which supply local shops and pubs and they have a range of courses and volunteer days, to teach a more responsible way of living.  It’s my aim to do some volunteering there this year.


I hope you’ve taken some inspiration away from this post and it encourages you to seek out those who are taking action for the greater good. I think we will get a head start on the planet and people flourishing not just surviving. if we recognise that community is what brings about change, and it all starts with ourselves making a decision to strive for better.

I’d like to sum up this post with a quote I heard recently during International Women’s Day,  “Lasting change often requires decades of determination!” 

Please leave a comment below if you have any people or organisations who you believe are inspiring change.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts: Outdoors for The Greater Good

  1. Strange I’ve just read this when today I picked up 3 plastic bottles and a costa cup lid from a short walk on Dartmoor. It all helps I suppose. There is also a guy on Facebook (Mick Pearce) on the 214 Wainwrights page who ascends Scafell Pike about 100 times a year and brings back down a rucksack full of rubbish on every trip. Now this is pretty disgraceful behaviour, people have bothered to take the stuff all the way up there only to drop it and leave. The guy is local and loves his area but he shouldn’t need to do this.


    • Good on you! Every little bit does help – it all adds to the bigger pitcture. I think if we owned up to doing our bit more (even if it’s not our fault) then the world would be much better…. Thank you, I will check him out he sounds like an awesome man. And yeah you’re right he shouldn’t have to do it but he’s awesome for doing it anyway. 😀

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